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Who is Sitting on the Gold Circle Game St Patrick’s Day

Who is Sitting on the Gold Circle Game St Patrick's Day

Who is Sitting on the Gold Circle Game St Patricks Day

Who is sitting on the gold circle game St Patricks Day is one game that can keep the children occupied for an hour and will leave the children begging you to play every circle time for the next week.

Turning the Tables on the Leprechauns

Since during the week of St Patricks Day you are always talking about leprechauns and them being a little sneaky, sly and secretive, let’s turn the table on them.


To play:

1.) Have the children sit in a circle.

2.) Have one child (Leprechaun) sit in a chair with their back to the group of children.

3.) Place the pot of gold under the chair.

4.) The teacher signals one child to steal the gold and sit on it.

5.) The teacher signals again for the children to start the chant:
Leprechaun, leprechaun where’s your gold? Someone stole it from your home.

6.) The leprechaun turns around and has three guesses as to who stole their gold.

7.) The child who stole the gold becomes the next leprechaun.

Instead of printing the gold pot below – use a coin that is spray painted gold.

Print and laminate the gold pattern. Download —> Who is sitting on the gold.

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