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We Are Thankful (Fall Theme)

We Are Thankful (Fall Theme)

We Are Thankful fall theme full of songs and activities.


Songs, Fingerplays, Flannel Board and Group Time Fun

General Goals of the Unit…
What does being thankful mean? Explain that we should be thankful that we have:
Shelter: Describe the different kinds of homes that people live in.
Clothing: The seasonal changes of clothing we have and why.
Water: Not any kind of water, but clean water to drink, it doesn’t make us sick.
Food: Good food to keep us strong and healthy.
Friends and Family: To support us and to share our lives with.
Jobs: To keep a roof over our heads, clothing on our bodies, fresh water to drink, food to eat and to provide us with everything else we need for our safekeeping.

Education: To help us get good jobs.

How Many Scoops…
Gather three or four assorted sized containers and a one-cup measuring cup. Have the children predict how many scoops it will take to fill each container. Ask questions like which one of the containers has more? Less? Why.

Sharing What We are Thankful For…
Let the children each draw a picture of what they are thankful for. Share with the children the pictures that were drawn during art time.


Song for Thanksgiving I I'm Thankful Song I
Thank You For the Food We Eat Let's Be Thankful




Water Table
Set out assorted measuring cups, bowls and containers for the children to practice pouring and scooping water into.

Food Picture to Seed Match…
Cut out pictures of vegetables and fruit; photocopy each of the pictures once. Glue the original to one blank index card and laminate. Find the seeds that produce the vegetable or fruits that you have cut out. Some examples: apple/seeds, cantaloupe/seeds, beans/seeds. Using a blank index card glue the seeds to one side and the photocopied picture to the back. Have the children try and match the seed to the correct matching food. To check their work they simply flip the card over to see if they are correct.

Farmer’s Market Color Sorting Set
Sort the fruits and vegetables into the correct colored baskets. It’s coloring matching, which is something we all try to teach our young toddlers. There are 5 baskets that are labeled with each color. It’s great to teach my kids all about the fruits and vegetables. Some more well known like apples, strawberries, and carrots, and other fun unique ones like eggplant and yellow peppers. And finally, these also just make a great addition to any play kitchen set. The food has a great texture, smooth and slightly squishy. They are realistically modeled, no sharp seams, and top rack dishwasher safe.

Memory Matching Game
Purchase the vegetable stickers to make a memory matching game. Make a matching set of vegetable cards by sticking one sticker to an index card. Laminate the index cards and have the children take turns finding the pairs.



Sort The Magnetic Fruits and Vegetables
Divide a magnetic board into two sections.  One for fruits and one for vegetables.  Have two children work on sorting the magnetic fruits into the correct categories.





Grocery Label Match…
Cut off two identical can and box labels from the food items in you house. Make several matching pairs. Have the children match them.

Seasonal Match…
Provide several choices of seasonal clothing on small cards that are laminated such as shorts, winter jackets, pants, sandals, rain jacket, winter hat, baseball cap etc. Then make a graph with the top categories being a sun with a full tree, cloudy with half the leaves on the tree, no leaves on the tree and sunny with colored leaves on the tree Have children sort clothes into the proper season.

Clothing for Every Season…
Provide clothing that zip, snap and winter seasonal clothing changes. Gives the children practice getting on their winter gear, snapping and zipping those winter jackets.

Art Projects
The Gift of Giving…
Have the children make a card for someone that is one of the local nursing homes. Around this time of the year is a good time to start this project and spread some kindness.

Cookie Cutter Prints…
Use turkey cookie cutter and leave cookie cutters to make interesting printed collages.

Leaf the Turkey Alone…
Cut a large frontal body of a turkey out of brown construction paper. Have the children collect leaves the day before (press overnight) to glue onto the turkey to make its great wingspan.

Texture Walk…
Have the children take rubbing (crayon rubbed over the paper, which is laid on top of a material it makes an imprint) of different materials that homes are made out of brick, stone, wood…any others?

Additional Patterns & Activities

Thankful Fingerprint Tree I NuttinbutPreschool Summer Winter Cards I NuttinbutPreschool


Giving Thanks
The book teaches children to be thankful for animals, and inanimate objects of nature. A father and son take a walk through the woods near their house, and the father teaches his son to be thankful for all the things in nature that they see.

At the end, the son even says, “To me, it’s a little embarrassing to say thanks to trees and things. But Dad says it becomes a habit; it just makes you feel good.” It is a beautiful book with a beautiful lesson.

Thanks for Thanksgiving
No mention of Pilgrims or American Indians. The book is about the spirit of Thanksgiving from the perspective of children. Just a meaningful discussion about being thankful that a young child can grasp. This book celebrates thanksgiving by showing appreciation for the big and small things that occur in a young child’s life, from “playdates, swings, and slides” to “dancing, music, and art.” It also celebrates this time of year, thanking for autumn and sled rides. And, it states clearly, that we should be most thankful for family.

The Berenstain Bears Give Thanks
If you want to give your kids a taste of the basic Thanksgiving history, this book is a fun choice. Sister and Brother Bear put on a Thanksgiving play for all the relatives.  It’s a fun reminder of the basics of why we celebrate Thanksgiving: to remember an important part of history and to thank God for all he gives us. The Christian content in this book is, in my opinion, just right. It is neither an afterthought, nor does it get in the way of the story or become preachy.

The Blessings Jar: A Story About Being Thankful

Ever have one of those “grumpy” days where everything just seems bad? I know I
have and so have my kids. This board book helps to focus on the positive things around one, rather than the negative ones.

Punky’s grandmother helps her make a Blessings Jar so they can fill it with all of the positive blessings they encounter during their day! We all need that reminder to focus on our blessings, especially when life feels hard. It is also a great way to teach thankfulness in a way that little ones can understand. And it focuses on the special relationship that grandparents, especially grandmas, have with their grandkids.

Just So Thankful (Little Critter)
Little Critter is not happy because he can’t have the Super Streak scooter. His mother tries to tell him there will be always things he can’t have and he should appreciate what he has.

A new kid moves into the biggest house on the block. He has a Super Streak, A maid, a cell phone, and just about anything he wants.

Little Critter sees all this when he is invited for a sleep over and thinks HH is the luckiest guy around.

His mother smiles and tells him to invite HH over. HH has a grand time playing with Little Sister, helping with chores, cooking and being quizzed by Little Critters grandparents.

When HH leaves; he tells Little Critter he is the luckiest guy around.

Confused Little Critter figures it out that having a family beats having possessions and no family.

Let’s Be Thankful
Instill a sense of gratitude and thanksgiving in your little one. Focuses on nonmaterial things and people who are important in a child’s life. The sun, ice cream, puppies, family, teachers, and fireflies are some of the things for which the children in the book express appreciation. Although the focus on being thankful, the book does not directly thank God.


Additional Fall Coloring Pages & Patterns:

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14 Page Fire Safety Coloring Booklet I NuttinbutPreschool Acorn Printable Pattern I

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