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Valentines Day Lesson Plan

Valentines Day Lesson Plan


Valentines Day Lesson Plan

Full preschool Valentines Day lesson plan that includes songs, fingerplays, art activities, centers, games, and books.

Valentine’s Day

Songs Finger Plays and Group Time Fun

I’m A Little Valentine…
( I’m A Little Teapot)
I’m a little Valentine,
Red and White.
With ribbons and lace,
I’m a beautiful sight.
I can say ‘I love you’,
On Valentines Day.
Just put me in an envelope,
And give me away.

Five Pretty Valentines…
Five pretty valentines
With lace galore,
I gave one to__________, (insert pupil’s name)
And then there were four.
Four pretty valentines
So lovely to see,
I gave one to __________, (insert name of another pupil)
And then there were three.
Three pretty valentines,
Just made for each of you
I gave one to ___________,
And then there were two.
Two pretty valentines
Having so much fun,
I gave one to____________,
And then there was one.
One little valentine
Waiting for a special someone,
I gave it to____________,
And then there were none.

Look Who’s Coming…
(This Old Man)
Look who’s coming down the walk,
Mr. Mailman won’t you stop,
With a knock, knock, knock,
Anyone at home?
A Valentine for you has come!

My Valentine…
Blow a kiss, blow a kiss
Blow a kiss my valentine
Blow a kiss, blow a kiss
Blow a kiss my valentine (blow a big kiss)

Send a hug, send a hug
Send a hug my valentine
Send a hug, send a hug
Send a hug, my valentine (hug self)

Dream of me, dream of me
Dream of me my valentine
Dream of me, dream of me
Dream of me my valentine (lay head on hand as if sleeping)
Be my friend, be my friend
Be my friend my valentine
Be my friend, be my friend
Be my friend my valentine (hold hands with one another)



Love Somebody…
Love somebody? Yes, I do!
Love somebody? Yes, I do!
Love somebody? Tell me who?
Love somebody, but I won’t tell who!

Mother Dear…
Mother dear can you guess
Who it is that loves you best?
I’ll give you three guess, 1, 2, 3.
There! I knew you’d think of me!

The Love Bug…
It begins with a grin (smile broadly)
It turns to a giggle (put both hands on mouth and giggle)
You start to laugh (throw head back and laugh out loud)
Your legs start to wiggle (put feet in the air and shake)
You look all around for someone to hug (move eyes back and forth)
You’ve caught the love bug (hug another child or yourself)

A Valentine…
(Skip To My Lou)
I have a Valentine for you.
I wrote on the card, I love you true.
I wrapped it and mailed yesterday.
Close to your heart, I hope it will stay.

I’m a Valentine for You..
(She’ll Be Comin’ ‘Round the Mt.)
Give each child a small, medium, & large paper heart – talk about the sizes, have them lay them in front of themselves where they sit on the carpet. First verse – tiny voice, hold up smallest heart; second verse – medium voice, hold up middle heart; third verse – LOUD voice, hold up the biggest heart.
I’m a teeny tiny valentine for you (repeat)
I’ll be yours, will you be mine?
I’m a teeny tiny valentine for you.
I’m a medium-size valentine for you (repeat)
I’m not too big & that’s just fine
I’m a medium-size valentine for you.
I’m a great big valentine for you (repeat)
& I will love you all the time
I’m a great big valentine for you.

Love, Love, Love…
(Three Blind Mice)
Love, love, love; love, love, love.
See how it grows, see how it grows.
I love my friends and they love me,
There’s more than enough for a family of
Love, love, love.

There’s a Big Red Heart…
(It’s a Small World)
There’s a big red heart down inside of me,
(Draw a heart shape in the air, then point to chest)
There’s a big red heart no one else can see.
(Cover eyes with hands)
It is filled to the brim with love from within,
(Spread arms)
And now I give it to you.
(Point to another person)

Love, love, it’s all around,
(gesture left, then right)
It will grow with you.
(slowly move arms outwards)
Show it, tell it,
(hold palms out, then point to mouth)
Feel it, share it.
(hug self, then hold hands out, palms up)
Make it part of you.
(point to others)

Counting Valentines…

Counting Valentines Flannel Board Pattern

Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Valentines, valentines, count them with me.
I have red ones, orange ones, yellow ones, too.
I have green ones, purple ones, and some that are blue.
Valentines, valentines, how many do I see?
Count them with me! 1-2-3-4-5……..

Give each child a red, orange, yellow, green, purple or blue heart. While adult says the verse, children place hearts on flannel board at an appropriate time. Count the number of hearts and identify different colors when the verse is finished.


Candy Heart Patterns…
With a supply of candy hearts, mini eraser or stickers and tagboard strips glue, make up patterns for the children to try to match. After they have matched your patterns allow them to make up their own patterns for others to follow.

Heart to Heart Matching Center

Heart to Heart Printable Bottle Cap Valentines Day Center

Heart to Heart Printable Bottle Cap Matching Center for Valentines Day – Create a heart to heart matching to create a Valentine’s Day center.


Bean Bag Heart Toss…
You will need to make up a box ahead of time for this center. Take a cardboard box and cut out Valentine hearts 5-6, make them big enough for the children to throw bean bags through. Decorate the rest of the box in a Valentines Day pattern. Have the children practice throwing bean bags in.

Tinted Sensory Water…
Tint water red (food coloring) add to the sensory table red heart sponges.

Heart Puzzles…
Decorate large hearts. Cut the hearts apart in as many pieces as you feel your children can put back together. Store the pieces in plastic ziplock bags.

Stringing Noodles…
Ahead of time dye assorted pasta shapes red, white, and pink. Do this by using food coloring and rubbing alcohol. Set up a pattern for the children to follow or allow them to make necklaces.

Queen Of Hearts Land…
In the housekeeping area add red dresses, red shoes, shirts, decorate the entire area with large hearts. Make a few wands by using hearts made of construction paper and stapling them to cardboard cubes.

Post Office…
Have the children make up a mailbox for themselves to place on shelves in the housekeeping area. Place envelopes, paper, stampers, stickers, pens, pencils, boxes, tape, money etc. Allow the children to make pictures, letters, and mail packages to their friends. To add extra props throughout the week you may add postal bags, toy mailboxes, junk mail, wagons or tricycles.

Flower Shop…
Add the following props. Plastic pots, artificial flowers, gloves, seed packets, baskets, vases, garden tools, watering cans, notepads, telephone, and pens.

Matching Hearts…
You will need an old deck of cards. Remove all of the heart cards. Cut each card in half so that the numbers show on both ends. Let the children match them up.

Valentine Bean Bags…
With red chalk, we drew a heart “target” on our wall outdoors. (It took a long time to wash off – so you might want to tape up a heart instead.) I made three heart-shaped bean bags made out of red vinyl to throw at the heart. Each child who wanted a turn stood behind a line and threw (3) bean bags at the heart. You can make it easier or harder by moving the line.

Easel Painting…
Easel painting on a big heart shape using red. We used a red marker to outline the heart shape, so it was easier to see the shape.

Feelie Box…
The children had turns feeling objects in the feelie box and then pulling them out. We used all red objects, with lots of different feels.

Using Red Playdoh…
We played with red play dough, rolling pins, and lots of different heart cookie cutters.

Heart Sponge Or Cookie Cutter Painting…
Using cookie cutters and sponges dipped in paint to create pictures.


Valentines Game…
Staple a 2″ piece of string to a heart cut out of tagboard. Hide the heart while the children close their eyes. The Valentine maybe covered but the string must be left to show. Tell the children to search for the Valentine, but when they find it they should not pick it up or tell anyone. Instead, they must just go and sit back down until everyone else has found it. The first child to sit down then may hide the heart.

Valentine Bingo…
Prepare four heart-shaped cards. Write I Love You on them. For each player print a set of alphabet letters, I, L, O, V, E, Y, O, U, on 1 1/2″ hearts. Make a heart spinner that has these letters printed also. Players take turns spinning. Use candy hearts to cover the letter spun.

Musical Valentine…
Cut out and laminate enough huge hearts for each child in the group to stand on. Place hearts in a circle on the floor. Play music when the music stops the children must stand on a heart. Take away a heart for each time the music stops. Allow all the children to stay in the game, however, they must then share the amount of hearts.

St. Valentine Says…
This game is played the same way as Simon Says.

Stock Up on Valentine’s Day Supplies:


Potato Print Valentines…
Cut a potato in half and cut a heart shape on one end of the cut ends. Paint the heart shape red and press it onto white paper. Allow the children to make any pictures they wish.

Valentine Fish…
Each child will need one very large heart, one large heart, three middle-sized hearts, and one little one. The very large heart becomes the body. The large heart becomes the tail. The middle-sized hearts become the fins on top of the very large heart. Last the little heart becomes the lips of the fish.

Vinegar Hearts…
Pour white vinegar into small bowls. Set out brushes, pieces of white construction paper and small heart shapes from red tissue paper. Let the children brush vinegar on their papers. Then let them cover their papers with hearts. As it dries, the hearts will fall off leaving red heart prints.

Translucent Hearts…

Heart Shape Pattern
Cut a large heart shape for each child out of waxed paper. Pour vegetable oil into shallow containers and set out cotton balls. Let the children tear red tissue paper into small pieces. Have the dip the cotton balls into the oil and brush it over their waxed paper hearts. Then let them press the red tissue pieces all over their hearts until the shapes are covered. The oil will help the tissue pieces stick to the hearts while making the red color translucent.


Clay Dough Necklace…
Mix a batch of clay dough. Children can shape their dough using cookie cutters. Bake the clay at 225 degrees for 2 hours, rotating during and after baking them. You can shellac the hearts when they are done.

Corn Syrup Hearts…

Shiny Corn Syrup Paint

Cut two large hearts out of waxed paper for each child. Make corn syrup paint by mixing food coloring into corn syrup. Give the children OLD paintbrushes (this is very sticky) and have them paint one of the hearts. When they are done painting, have them put the other heart on top of the painted heart. Let dry for a couple of days and then hang in the window.



The Biggest Valentine Ever

A great message about teamwork. Two boy mice are working together to make their teacher the biggest and best valentine card, but they quickly begin arguing over the details of the card and blame each other for doing things “wrong” to mess it up. Then, they try to make cards on their own, but find they aren’t happy with those cards either so they try to work as a team again and yield much better results.

I love the message in the story that you can do more together than you can alone and that when you work as a team, you have to compromise what you want some for the good of the project and treat others nicely. What the two mice learn is that they created something bigger and better than they could have done by themselves. In the end, they learn that working together was more satisfying than working solo.


Happy Valentine’s Day Mouse

We love Laura Numeroff‘s Books based on the (If You Give a Mouse a Cookie). This book was no disappointment. Various characters from the collection of her books are included in this story. A great simple read board book for young children.


The Day It Rained Hearts

 The main character makes her friends Valentine’s. The book encourages creativity rather than buying things premade and touches on feelings and how to treat others.

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