Valentines Day Heart Art Projects

Valentines Day Heart Art Projects

Valentines Day Heart Art Projects – I know some classes can not complete “Valentine’s Day” art projects.  That is perfectly fine.  That doesn’t mean you can’t do a King and Queen of Hearts Theme, or Alice in Wonderland Theme.  In that case, the projects would fit perfectly well within the themes.

Heart Handprint Project

Heart Handprint Valentine Kids Craft



1.) Photocopy the heart template HERE onto white 8.5″ by 11″ regular photocopy paper.

2.) Dip the child’s palms into pink paint and place them as shown in the picture to form a heart. Let dry.

4.) Glue the white heart on top of a pink heart that is slightly larger than the white heart.  You can also find cut pre-cut lacey hearts in the stores around Valentine’s Day.  They look really cute, and are reasonable priced.

5.) Hole punch the top center of the heart to hang them up around the room.

Heart Tissue Paper Stained Glass Art Projects

Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts


1.) Photocopy the heart pattern HERE onto red construction paper.

2.) Have the children cut out the heart pattern.

3.) Cut the inside of the heart out, leaving behind a thick, outside border.

4.) Cut enough wax paper to cover the inside hole.  Glue the wax paper to the heart border. The side you glue the wax paper to will become the backside to the art project.

5.) Have the children cut square shaped pieces of tissue paper in white, pink and red colors.  Glue the tissue paper to the front side of the heart, to create a stained glass appearance.

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