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Turkey Bulletin Board or Door Display

Turkey Bulletin Board or Door Display

Turkey Bulletin Board or Door Display

Use colored construction paper to trace and cut out a handprint for each child in your classroom. Cut out a turkey-shaped body from brown construction paper; arrange the handprint feathers to become the fan of your classroom turkey. Add the turkey-shaped body.

This becomes a nice door greeter for the parents or otherwise, a centerpiece for your bulletin board to display fall workaround.

Tested and Received a 5 Star Review

Double Sand Wheel

How it works: You add water or sand at the top of the funnel, it trickles through the bottom onto one wheel which spins on direction, and then onto the other wheel which subsequently spins in the opposite direction. The bottom of the toy is a sand strainer, so if you’re playing with sand, you can then pick up the toy and shake it to strain the rest of the sand. In terms of the wheel “mill” function, the wheels spin by the sand/water filling bucket/reservoirs in the wheel, i.e. similar to how a true water mill works. This, in combination with the smoothness of how the wheels spin on their axles (i.e. low friction), makes this water mill also perform quite well in sand as well as water.

Size: 12.5″ tall, funnel is 5″ across at the top, with a 0.5″ exit hole at the bottom. The wheels are 4.25″ in diameter, which is quite large.

The Plastic: Excellent, high-quality plastic. Bright primary colors, very eye-striking.

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