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Transportation Theme (2 Weeks)

Transportation Theme (2 Weeks)

Transportation Theme (2 Weeks)

Mega amount of information! Transportation theme 2 weeks of preschool transportation fun!


Transportation Theme 2 Weeks of Songs

The Family Car…
Sometimes I ride in the family car.
The engine jerks so we cannot go far.
Pop, pop, pop, pop!
Pop, pop, pop! Juggle, jiggle, Jat!
What’s the matter?
Why the tire is flat! Ssssssssss!

Car Song…
(Tune: BINGO)
Look at my bright shiny car
I’m driving it today-o.
C – A – R (BEEP! BEEP!)
C – A – R (BEEP! BEEP!) (We put on our seat belts, put the
C – A – R (BEEP! BEEP!) key in the ignition, got gas etc.
I’m driving it today – o!
(Before we sang our song. Then we pretended we were driving and turning the steering wheel while we sang and of course we BEEPED our horns!)

Watching Traffic…
(tune: “Frere Jacques”)
Watch the cars go, watch the cars go,
Whiz-zing by, whiz-zing by.
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep
Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep, beep,
That’s like mine! That’s like mine!

Watch the bus go, watch the bus go,
Rolling by, rolling by.
Stop for all the people, stop for all the people.
Get on board! Get in board!

See the trucks go, see the trucks go
Down the street, down the street.
Gas and oil and milk trucks,
Mail and trash and dump trucks,
On their way, on their way.

Little Red Caboose…
Little red caboose, Little red caboose,
Little red caboose behind the train, train,
Smoke-stack on his back, Going down the track,
Little red caboose behind the train, train.

Going On a Big Airplane...
“The Wheels on the Bus.”
The wheels on our car go ’round and ’round (repeat)
Going to the airport.

We walk and we walk down the ramp, down the ramp, down the ramp (repeat)
Going on a big airplane. (walk your hands on your knees)
The ticket taker reads our pass, reads our pass, reads our pass (repeat)
Going on a big airplane. (pretend reading, hands together, palms up)
We find our seat with little windows, little windows, little windows (repeat)
Going on a big airplane. (make a window with your thumbs and pointer fingers)
The flight attendant says, “Buckle your belt, buckle your belt, buckle your
belt” (repeat)

Going on a big airplane. (put hands across tummy and bump fingers together)
Say to the children, “I think we’re starting to move. I think
the wheels are starting to go around very fast (make a slow wheel moving
motion with your hands)

The wheels on the plane go ’round and ’round, ’round and ’round, ’round
and ’round (sing and repeat slowly) Going on a big airplane.

Say, “The airplanes wait their turn to use the runway, while they wait
they get their engines going really fast. Get those motors going. Ready?”
(make engine noises)

The wheels on the plane go ’round and ’round, ’round and ’round, ’round
and ’round, (repeat)
Going on a big airplane. (make a wheel moving motion with your hands)WHOOPEE
(move arms out)
Now I’m flying through the air, through the air, through the air, (repeat)
Now I’m flying through the air on a big airplane! (move arms out and sway)

Excellent Add-Ons for Unit

Dozen Assorted Plastic Traffic Cones

Ideal for setting up obstacle courses and fun races. Use the cones to set up a drivers test for the transportation theme.

MiniMotors Counters, 72 Pieces
72 transportation counters in 6 different colors.

Freeze Dance…

Make a stop sign – I used a ping pong game paddle covered with red paper with the word stop in white letters. On the reverse side I made it green with the word GO. Play music and dance. When the teacher flips the sign from green to STOP everyone freezes.

Airplane Song…
” Wheels on the Bus.”
The pilot on the airplane says fasten your belts (fasten seat belts)
Fasten your belts, fasten your belts.
The pilot on the airplane says fasten your belts
When flying through the sky,
Additional verses:
The children on the airplane go bum pity bump…. (move up and down)
The babies on the airplane go waa, waa, waa…. (rub eyes and pretend to cry)
The signs on the airplane go ding, ding, ding…. (point to signs)
The drinks on the airplane go splish, splash, splish…. (pretend to hold a
glass and move it)
The luggage on the plane goes up and down…. (pretend to be luggage going up
and down)

I’m A Little Airplane…
(to “I’m a Little Teapot”)
I’m a little airplane,
(children raise arms at sides to shoulder height.)
Now watch me fly!
(They spin one of their arms in front of them as if it were a propeller)
Here are my instruments
From down low to up high.
(With their other arm, they reach from the ground to above their heads.)
First I get revved up.
(Children make engine-like noises while still spinning their arms.)
Then I can fly,
(Children raise arms to shoulder height.)
Lifting off the runway
(They start walking forward.)
Up into the sky!
(They go up on their tiptoes and continue to move forward. Let them circle a
while before returning to their original positions.)
Row, Row, Row Your Boat…
Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream,
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is such a dream.

Drive, drive drive your car
gently down the street
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Life is such a treat.

Fly fly fly your plane
way up in the air.
Merrily, merrily merrily merrily
Life without a care.


Discussing Maps…
We talked about what we use maps for and we looked at the different symbols on the maps and guessed what they meant. We also looked at a state map, a town map, a city map and a Nature Trail map. On the project table I laid out computer graphics of a house, a train, an airplane, a castle, a city, a town, a car, a gas pump, a sail boat and a school. I also put out blue tissue paper (to represent water). I added markers and glue sticks and paper. The children drew wonderful maps with roads and “thought out” symbols galore. I had great fun “hearing” about their maps as they told me how to follow their map and what their symbols meant.

The Airplane…
The airplane has great big wings
(children stretch out arms.)
Its propeller spins round and sings,
(children move right arms around in a circle.)
The airplane goes up.
(they lift up their arms)
The airplane dips down.
The airplane flies–round all of the town!
(With arms outstretched, they turn around twice.)

Down By the Station…
Down by the station (down by the station)
Early in the morning (early in the morning)
See the little pufferbellies (see the little pufferbellies)
All in a row (all in a row)
See the station master (see the station master)
Turn the little handle (turn the little handle)
Puff, puff, toot, toot (puff, puff, toot, toot)
Off we go! (off we go!)

The Wheels On The Bus…
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
(move hands in circular motion)
Round, and round, round and round.
The wheels on the bus go round and round,
All around the town.
(extend arms up and out)
The people on the bus go up and down.(stand up, sit down)
The horn on the bus goes ‘beep,beep,beep’.(hand press horn)
The money on the bus goes ‘clink,clink,clink’.(hand motion)
The driver on the bus says, ‘Move on back.’ (thumb back)
The baby on the bus goes, ‘Wah wah wah’ (rub eyes)
The windshield wipers go ‘swish, swish, swish.'(hands move)

Bumping up and down in my little red wagon
Bumping up and down in my little red wagon
Bumping up and down in my little red wagon
Let’s ride off together!
Repeat using
* My little brown donkey
* My little black buggy
* My little blue trolley
* My little green airplane
* My little white sailboat

Train is A-Comin…
Train is a-comin’, oh, yes
Train is a-comin’, oh, yes
Train is a-comin’, train is a-comin’
Train is a-comin’, oh, yes
Better get your ticket, oh, yes
Better get your ticket, oh, yes
Better get your ticket, better get your ticket,
Better get your ticket, oh, yes
Room for many more, oh, yes
Room for many more, oh, yes
Room for many more, room for many more
Room for many more, oh, yes
Train is a-leavin’, oh, yes
Train is a-leavin’, oh, yes
Train is a-leavin’, train is a-leavin’
Train is a-leavin’, oh, yes

Traffic Light Song…
( Mary Had A Little Lamb).
Can you see the traffic light,
traffic light, traffic light?
Green means Go and Yellow means Slow, and Red means STOP,STOP,STOP!
The Car Song…
(sung to: “When Johnny Comes Marching Home”
We like to travel in our car,
Hurrah, hurrah.
A car can take us near or far,
Hurrah, hurrah.
We buckle up before we go,
Whether we’re going fast or slow,
So we’ll all be safer while riding in our car!

Lonely Bus Driver…
One lonely bus driver all alone and blue
He picked up a passenger and then there were two.
Two people riding, they stopped by a tree
They picked up a passenger, and then there were three.
Three people riding, they stopped by a store
They picked up a passenger, and then there were four.
Four people riding, happy and alive,
They picked up a passenger, and then there were five.
Five people riding open swung the door
Four passengers got off the bus, The driver’s alone once more.

The Train…
Choo, choo, choo (slide hands together)
The train runs down the track (run fingers down arm)
And then it runs right back. ( Run fingers up arm.)

This is a Choo Choo Train
This is a choo choo train
Child becomes a train by squatting
Puffing down the track
Now its going back. Child goes back, etc.
Now the bell is ringing child pulls make believe bell rope
What a lot of noise it makes cover ears and make train noises
Everywhere it goes. Children move around the room at random.

Bus Song…
(to Pop Goes the Weasel)
I drive the bus around the town
I stop at every corner
My blinking lights and breaks go on
Swish goes the door
A dollar for a ride around town
A quarter for a transfer
Put your money in the slot,
Swish goes the door

Choo- Choo Train…
This is a choo-choo train,
(Bend arms at elbows)
Puffing down the track.
(Rotate forearms in rhythm)
Now it’s going forward,
(Push arms forward, continue motion)
Now is going back.
(Pull arms back using same motion)
Now the bell is ringing.
(Pull cord with closed fist)
Now the whistle blows.
(Hold fist near mouth and blow Toot, Toot)
What a lot of noise it makes.
(Cover ears with hands)
Everywhere it goes.
(Stretch out arms)

Take Me Riding in Your Airplane…
Take me riding in your airplane
Take me riding in your airplane
Take me riding in your airplane
I want to ride in your airplane.
Change Airplane to Bumpety Bus, Row Boat, Motorcycle, Rocket Ship, or Bicycle.

(Small circle, join hands)
Motorboat, motorboat, go so slow
Motorboat, motorboat go so fast (speed up a little)
Motorboat, motorboat step on the gas! (run) — Vroom!
Motorboat, motorboat go so slow…out of gas! (fall down)

I’m a Little Airplane…
(I’m A Little Teapot)
I’m a little airplane (arms shoulder height)
I can fly (turn right arm like propeller)
Here is my throttle (reach out with 1 hand)
Give me a try (push throttle in)
When I get all revved up (engine noise)
then I fly (move forward)
Off the runway to the sky (fly around)

Display pictures of the following means of transportation: truck, bus, car, train, plane, ship, rocket. Ask the following questions and let the children decide which vehicle answers the questions.
1. Which one is used for going to the moon?
2. Which one travels on tracks?
3. Which one carries vegetables from farm to city?
4. Which one goes through the air?
5. Which one do we park in our garage?
6. Which one stops in many cities and carries many people?
7. Which one travels on the ocean?

Transportation Art

Boat …
Cut off one entire end of a large cardboard box positioned horizontally. Let the children paint it and decorate it on their own. When dry use it as a prop in the house corner.

Car Paint & Car Wash…
Fill pie pans with different colors of paint let the children drive matchbox cars through the paint and onto paper When finished, they can wash their cars in the car wash!! Just use a tub of soapy water and toothbrushes!!

Stop Lights…
Cut egg cartons into 3 vertical sections. Cut a small slit in the bottom, inserted a popsicle stick and taped it to secure it to the back of the egg carton. Have the children paint each egg carton section the appropriate color. Also paint a small Dixie cup grey. When dry insert the traffic light into the bottom of the Dixie cup (this acted like the base of a traffic light and enabled the traffic light to stand up.)

Create A Train..

Create a train for stuffed animals by punching holes in the sides of cardboard boxes & tying them together with string or old shoelaces. Have the children paint them and decorate them any way they’d like.

Pack Your Bags…
Provided the children with my traveling suitcase pattern. Inside the suitcase, have the children paste pictures of things they might take on a trip (you can pre-cut a variety of items from magazine pictures). Leave the folders open until they’ve dried. The next day continue the project by having the children lick stamps from foreign countries and paste them on the outside of their “suitcases”. They looked like travel stickers. The stamps came in a big package and were very inexpensive.

Transportation Centers

Outside Fun…
Gather some toy cars, trucks and trains & a supply of sidewalk chalk. Take the children outside & choose a concrete or black top area. Encourage them to draw roads, buildings, & houses.

Housekeeping Train Station…
Set up a train station. Add Engineer Hat, Bandanna, Whistle , tickets, newspapers, jackets, several large boxes to serve as train cars. Set up problems to deal with for children such as would you let a passenger ride without a ticket? Let someone off in between stops? Insist on sitting near a window? Watch and see how the children deal with the problems.

Block Area…
Add a toy railroad set. Include signs, tracks, and train.

Buy on Amazon


Housekeeping Sailing…
Add the following props to the house corner, sailors hats, Large box (for boat), fishing poles, life jackets, an 8 foot line on floor in open area off of boat. The tape line is used for the plank of the boat. Give children ideas on how to use the plank. Have them practice balancing on one foot, hopping, shading eyes, walking backwards etc.

Airplanes to Hanger Matching…
Cut from construction paper five hangers. (Make them look like a house shape and number 1 to 5.) Cut out fifteen planes out of construction paper. Laminate both sets. Explain to the children that a hanger is to a plane what a garage is to a car. The children must match correct number of planes to their hangers.

Block Corner…
Place airplanes into the block area, the children can make runways (blocks end to end) & build control towers.

Going On Vacation…
Bring a couple of little suitcases & a flight bag into the dress up corner
(the suitcases were actually cosmetic cases). Have things to pack in them –
clothes, socks, hair brush & combs, sunglasses with plastic lenses, toy camera
& stuffed toys.

Line up chairs to simulate a plane & then sing the “people on the plane go
up and down” to the Wheels of the Bus tune. The pilot on the plane says
Please buckle up (instead of the driver saying please move back), etc.

Super Highway…
Build a superhighway on the floor. Place masking tape on the carpet to make
various roads, interchanges, on-ramps and off-ramps. Small boxes cut out the
right way can make a wonderful tunnel, bridge, or viaduct.

Transportation Match…
Make a set of pictures of transportation vehicles and a set of pictures of vehicle drivers. Laminate both sets. Children must match drivers to vehicles.

Transportation Match…
Label three boxes with pictures of air, land, water. Provide selection of pictures of transportation vehicles. Children must match to correct box.  Pattern Here

Block Area…
Provide model airplanes, Fisher Price airport and Fisher Price airplane.

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Block Area…
Provide traffic signs, cars, trucks and heavy pieces of cardboard designed as roads. Printable traffic signs (here).

Sensory Table…
Provide plastic construction vehicles such as graders, backhoes and dump trucks to play with in sand. Provide large boulders for children to move around.

Safety File Folder Matching Game…
Use the pattern located here to create a safety file folder matching game.

Drivers License At The Registry!…

Set up a road test outdoors.  It is fun to watch the children race around the cones on the trikes and bikes.

Create the Registry of Motor Vehicles in your room.
Have a Sign that read Pictures Take Here…SMILE! (Pattern Here)
Post An Eye Chart and set up a table with the words GO/SLOW/STOP laying on it.

One by one have kids come to the registry to try and get their license.  Have them take an Eye Test.

Answer 2 “Driving” questions. A question you might ask “What would you do if you came to a cross walk and someone was crossing the street. Have the child point to the correct word lying on the table and tell me what it said.

License pattern  (Here)

Once completed they PASSED and received the stamp of approval which is a rubber car stamp. Of course everyone passes.  Then under the commissioner of preschool vehicles, I signed my name.  They took their license to my assistant. Where she had them write their name, date and stamp whatever numbers they wanted for their license number. They taped a picture that we had taken of them a few days prior to the license.  If you don’t want to go that route, have them draw a self-portrait. Then allow them to decorate their license with stamps and bingo daubers.

Transportation Activity Sheets…
Print out the following activity sheets.  They can be used as worksheets or laminated and have the children use erasable markers to complete them.

Dot to Dot Airplane
Find the Twin Trains
Hot Air Balloon Maze
Train Maze
Stop Sign Maze


Apple Sailboat Snack…
Have the children make apple sailboats from an apple slice, a triangular piece of cheese, & a toothpick.

Sailboat Eggs…
Allow 1 egg per sailor
Ingredients: hard-boiled eggs, 1/2 teaspoon mustard, carrot sticks, chopped
pimento, 1 teaspoon mayonnaise, 1 cup diced green peppers, celery sticks,
lettuce leaves,
Utensils: knife and cutting board, bowl, fork, toothpicks for mast, scissors,
paper for sails, tape.
Process: Peel the hard-boiled eggs. Discard shells or save for another art
idea, such as eggshell mosaics. Cut the eggs in half. Remove the yolks and
place them in a bowl. Mash the yolks with 1 teaspoon mayonnaise and 1/2
teaspoon mustard. Mound the mixture back into the egg white sections. Decorate
the egg sections with the celery sticks, carrot sticks and chopped pimento.
Cut the paper into sails, attach to the toothpicks with tape and put into
eggs. Place the lettuce on a serving plate, and then put the eggs on top of the

Make marshmallow trains. Use pretzel sticks to hook the “cars” together & use peanut butter to glue Cheerios on as wheels & other features. Or instead of marshmallows for the body of the car you may use graham crackers.

More Ideas For Transportation

1. Have the children come to school in striped shirts (like conductors).

2. For homework, have the children each bring in a box car of a train & something for it to carry. Then hook the train up (use strings with paper clips tied at each end) & have the children chant “I think I can” while you pull the train.

3. Sing Hap Palmer’s song, “Clickity Clack” substituting the items that the children put in their box cars in the appropriate place.

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