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Transportation Ideas For the Block Area

1.) Recycled Roadway
Recycle your old denim jeans into a roadway system.


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2.) Build an Airport
Place airplanes into the block area, the children can make runways (blocks end to end) & build control towers.
Airport From Blocks

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3.) Alphabet Letter Car Roads
Cut out alphabet letters from black construction paper.  Add passing lines with chalk.  Laminate the letters if you would like to reuse them year after year.
Alphabet Letter Roads
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4.) Roadway Tape
Use this Inroad Toys Classic Road Series 30’X2″ Black Road tape
with Matchbox type cars to make roadways. It is like painters tape. It sticks well, but does not leave sticky residue.

Creative Roadway Tape for the Block Area

Use legos and cardboard boxes to make tunnels.

5.) Ramps
Build ramps.  See how fast or slow cars can go with different inclines.
Transportation Block Ramps
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I wanted to share a PDF File from The National Association for the Education of Young Children it is a large, nonprofit association in the United States representing early childhood education teachers, para-educators and center directors.

So many times you hear that the kids are “just playing.”  Well, with ramps they are not simply playing with the incline, marbles and cars; in each child’s quest to figure out how to get the marble to do what they want it to, they are investigating, trying out different ideas, and varying actions. This is what scientists do. It is called inquiry. And it is one of the primary goals of science education.

We are choosing “educational” items to play and there is a reason for our play.

6.) Printable Signs for Blocks
Sometimes you just don’t want to spend a lot of money.  Here is a quick solution.  Print out the patterns below and tape them to your blocks. Provide the “traffic signs”, cars, trucks and heavy pieces of cardboard that are designed to serve as roads. Printable traffic signs (here).

Printable signs for block area

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