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Activities for The Very Busy Spider

Art projects and craft activities that go hand in hand with Eric Carle’s book The Very Busy Spider. Preschool art activities for the Very Busy Spider.

The Book:

The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle

Activities for The Very Busy Spider

Overview of Book:
While a spider weaves her web, animals of the farm come and ask her to play. The spider is too busy spinning her web. Several things make this book a true winner. First the repetition. The repetition is an excellent way for pre-readers and early reader to learn to read. (A whole language approach, but it gives kids some success.) The illustrations are adorable.  Buy on Amazon.


Arts & Crafts:


Color Sheet From Eric Carle’s Website:

Very Busy Spider Coloring Page

Get pattern from my Dropbox

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Paper Plate Craft:

Spider Web Paper Plate Preschool Craft

Directions Here

Handprint Spider Puppet

Spider Handprint Puppet

Directions Here

Handprint Spider Web
Handprint Spiders on Webs

Directions here

Styrofoam Spiders Preschool Craft

Directions Here


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