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The Sunflower Story

The Sunflower Story

The Sunflower Story

I found a mini the sunflower story unit from TopClass44 that I used some parts from and then modified a few ideas to fit in line with what I wanted to do for a spring unit.

Ideas to Go Along with the Book The Sunflower Story

What the Story is About:
“The Sunflower Story by Maria Eales.” It is a simple story about a bird that drops a sunflower seed and then the person that finds the seed, plants it. The story goes through everything the seed needs to grow and the parts of the plant.

Thought Provoking Questions:

After you read the page to ask the thought-provoking question for the children to answer. Example of the first question: Where do you think the bird got the seed from before he dropped it in my garden?


Labeling the Parts of a Flower:

Label the Parts of a Flower

This above pattern was a little advanced for my preschool children.  I modified the printable. Download the Sunflower Handwriting Parts of a Flower Printable.

Handwriting Practice Parts of a Flower

Oh, and before I forget here is the full download —-> The Sunflower Story.  Thank you to TopClass44 for this unit.

Art Project:

The unit has a printable sheet to build a sunflower.

Build a Sunflower

Grow a Sunflower Science Activity and also Observation Sheets:

Grow a Sunflower Science Project

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