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The Pond Theme

The Pond Theme

The Pond Theme

Songs, Fingerplays & Group Time

Polly – Wog…
There once was a polly named Wog
Who wanted to change to a frog.
So he dropped off his tail
Grew legs without fail
And croaked all day on a log.

Hop & Stop…
Play Red Light,Green Light,the stop/start game,but use this variation.Hop like a frog instead of creeping.Call out “Hop” & “Stop” rather than “red light” & “green light.”

Cricket Noise Makers…
Snapple bottle caps make neat cricket sounds.  The snapple cap is vacuum sealed. When you remove the cap the center pops up but you can press it down and let it go to make the cricket sound. Great for adding to songs.

 Five Turtles…

Click on picture for pattern

Tiny Tim…
I have a little turtle
His name is
Tiny Tim
I put him in the bathtub
to teach him how to swim.

He drank up all the water
and ate up all the soap
Now  he is home, sick in bed
with bubbles in his throat.

I miss my little turtle,
who’s name is Tiny Tim
I will call him on the telephone–
I would like to visit him.

Tiny Tim is better now…
his tummy doesn’t hurt…
He will never eat the soap again…
he says it doesn’t work.

Little Froggy…
( I’m a little teapot)
See the little froggy
Swimming in the pool
The water’s great-
It’s nice and cool
when he gets all cleaned up
Out he’ll hop
Squeaky clean
From bottom to top.

See the little froggy
On the lily pad
Trying to catch flies
She’s getting sad.
When she catches one,
She’ll gobble it up
Back in the water
She’ll go kerplop!

Tiny Turtle…
I have a little turtle
I keep him in a box
He swims in the water
Climbs on the rocks.

He snapped at a minnow
He snapped at a flea
He snapped at a mosquito
and he snapped at me.

He caught the minnow
He caught the flea
He caught the mosquito
but he didn’t catch me!

Raccoon sleeps in a hollow tree            (Children hold puppets and
While the sun shines on you and me.     pretend they are sleeping)
Sleep, raccoon.
Sleep, raccoon,
Warm and cozily.

In the darkest part of night
Raccoon has the best eyesight.
Look raccoon,                              (Children have puppets peering
Look, raccoon,                              around room)
My, your eyes are bright.

Raccoon hardly makes a sound
When he prowls all around.          (Children hold puppets and quietly
Hunt raccoon,                                creep around room.)
Hunt raccoon,
Find food on the ground

The Tired Turtle…
(I’ve Been Working On The Railroad)
I’ve been crawling through the mud,
All the whole day long.
I’ve been crawling through the mud,
Just listen to my song.
Oh, my house is getting heavy,
My legs are tired and sore.
I am moving very slowly.
I can’t sing any more.

 Baby Frogs…
Ribbit Ribbit said mama frog
Sitting on a great big log
“Where are my babies, where can they be?
Then out of the pond jumped one, two and three.
(Hold up three fingers , one at a time)

She was happy as could be,
But where were the other? She couldn’t see.
So, “Ribbit, ribbit,” she called again.
The out they jumped—4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.
(hold up remaining fingers one at a time)

 I’m Bringing Home A Baby Turtle…
Oh, I’m bringing home a baby turtle
Wouldn’t my mommy really pop her girdle,
Cause I’m bringing home a baby turtle,
Snap, snap, snap.  Oh! It bit me!

Five Speckled Frogs…
Five little freckled frogs setting on a speckled log (5 fingers on bent
Eating the MOST delicious bugs, yum, yum!  (pick bugs out of air, rub
One jumped into the pool, where it was nice and cool, (finger hops in pool)
Then there were four freckled frogs!

Continue with four frogs, then three, and so on.
Then there were NO freckled frogs!

Little Wiggle Worm…
(The Eensy-Weensy Spider)
The little wiggle worm                        (wiggle pipe cleaner worm)
Went crawling underground.               (wiggle worm under hand)
Down Came the rain;                         (wiggle fingers downward)
Soon mud was all around.                  (open arms wide)

Rain filled the tunnels                         (open hand; move fingers together)
And pushed out the little worm.                (push worm through other  hand)
So the puddles on the ground              (make an O with hand)
Were the only place to squirm.            (wiggle worm into O)

You could extend this activity and use the pipe cleaner worm with a variety of following direction sort of activities…put you worm on something that rhymes with bear (hair)…or egg (leg)….  OR  make your worm touch something red…blue….yellow…  OR  move the worm up, now do the opposite…front and the opposite….

The Turtle…
The turtle wears a shell on her back,
She walks so very slow.  (Walk hand slowly.)
But put her in the water and watch–
She can really go!  (Swim hand quickly.)

Snapping Turtle…
He snaps in the morning, (Snap with hand.)
He snaps at night.
He snaps at the bugs
As he takes each bite.
He snaps so much,
He’s quite a sight.
Snap!  Snap! Snap!

Found A Feather…
(‘Oh, My Darling Clementine)
Found a feather, found a feather, Found a feather at the pond.
Oh, I’m so very lucky  – a feather to have found.
Picked it up, picked it up, picked it up just like that,
Picked up that pretty feather – then I put it in my hat.
Found a feather, found a feather, found a feather at the pond.
Oh, I’m so very lucky  – a feather to have found.

Little Turtle…
Little turtle in your shell,
Slowly you do go.
(Cover right hand with left hand.)
Slowly creeping, slowly crawling,
Slow is nice, you know!
(Creep hands along slowly.)

Here is My Turtle…
Here is my turtle,  ( Form fist and extend thumb.)
He lives in a shell.  (Put thumb inside fist.)
He like his home
Very well.  (Nod head)

He pokes his head out    (Pop out thumb.)
When he wants to eat.   (Circle thumb around.)
And pulls it back in
When he wants to sleep.  (Put thumb back inside fist)

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree



Worm Painting…
You will need plastic fishing worms or string, paint, and a piece of white construction paper for each child.  Allow the children to dip their worm into paint and apply to the white paper to squiggle across the paper.  The designs turn out really neat.  Wash off the worms when finished.

 Turtle Puppet…
Paint a paper plate to resemble a turtle’s top shell and paint another plate for the bottom shell.  Any size plate will work.  Staple or glue green construction paper legs on either the top or bottom of the plate.  Sandwich a green sock between the painted paper plates so that the toe sticks out for the head and the top of the sock sticks out the back for the tail.  Staple the two plates together on both sides, add eyes, slip your hand into the sock.

Necktie Snakes…
If you have a source or each child can bring in an old neck tie, they make nice snakes. Glue the small end of the tie closed or sew closed. If you want to make a rattle snake you can put a couple of bells in then tie a string to mark the tail end. Finish stuffing with any type of stuffing you have, paper, cotton, poly fill etc. When you get to the large end glue or sew shut. You can also tie a string about four to five inches from the end to make a head and leave the head floppy. You need to glue on eyes (wiggles are my favorite) and a red felt tongue.

You can also slide an opened hanger from one end to the other so you can pose the snake but it makes it an unsafe toy for under 5 group.

Paper Bowl Turtles…
Turn bowl upside down and paint green, let dry.  Cut out front and back feet from brown const. paper.  Staple to bowl.  Cut out head with neck, then draw on eyes and mouth.  Staple to bowl.

Balloon Bees…
Blow up a yellow balloon for each child.  Let the children use their balloons to make “bees” by drawing stripes around them with black felt-tip markers.  If desired, have the children add circle stickers for eyes (or have them draw eyes on their bees with the markers).  When the children have finished, let them tap their balloon bees up and down in the air as they “buzz” around the room.

Pie Pan Turtle…
Paint a pie pan tin green.  Glue 4 legs around the edges in the appropriate places on each side.  Pierce a hole in the back and thread in a green pipe cleaner for the tail.  The turtle’s head is made from an unshelled almond. To attach it, the almond needs to have a hole made in the center of the rounded end.  This hole should be just large enough to push an end of the pipe cleaner into.  Secure the pipe cleaner to the shell with some glue. Paint the head green.  Glue on mustard seeds or tiny beads for the turtle’s eyes.

Jumping Frogs…
Take a green circle and fold in not quite in half.  Don’t fold all the way down.  Then add two white half ovals for eyes on top of the fold…glue behind the fold.  Add a dot in the middle.  For a tongue glue a half oval shape to the bottom of the top flap…the one you folded down.  Then add green accordion strips for legs…they are so adorable and would be very cute for a bulletin board.

Bobbing Frogs…
Take corks & color them green with crayon or marker. Then take a green pipe cleaner & wrapped it around the cork, twisted it, then bent the long ends into frog shaped legs.  A string that had been tied to the pipe cleaner can be used to pull the floatable frog through water.

Use a pipe cleaner for the body and use sheer fabric, dipped in liquid starch and dried.  The starch will give the wings body.  We also decorated the wings with glitter glue.

Make frogs from toilet paper rolls and eggs cartons You will need two rolls per frog.  Paint the rolls  and 2 “cups” from an egg carton. Let dry.  Glue the 2 “cups” together with an opening , one cup is the “head of the frog” and the other is it’s “bottom jaw.”  Cut 1 toilet paper roll into 4 pieces( circles).  Slit the   Circles so that they open and glue them to the roll that is not cut.  I used clothes pins to keep them together while the glue dries.  Glue on the “head”.  Glue the whole assembly to a “lily pad” green shapes paper. So it will stand freely.  I used insect stickers, on colored paper circles that fit into their mouths, to feed the frogs.  It can be programed for color recognition, counting, alphabet recognition, or anything else. Use your imagination.

Ducks On The Pond…
Ask your friends in the cafeteria to save the “blue dividers” that come in apple boxes! They look like a pond with “waves”. The children will color ducks or draw their own and color then cut. The ducks must have a “tab” on the bottom so they can be glued in the “water”. Green butcher paper can be “wadded up” to be bushes and trees can be made with paper towel tubes. These are to be glued on the edges of the “pond”.

Standing Turtle…
Using paper plate scraps, cut out turtles head and tail.  Leave a tab on each.  Draw in features.  Cut two stripes about 1″ by 5″  from around the rim of a plate.  Fold in half and color to form legs and feet.  Tear up cardboard egg cartons and glue to paper plate to form the outside of the shell.  Fold the plate in half.  Cut two 1″ slits along the fold, just inside the rim.  Glue or staple folded shell closed at top.  Insert head and tail into folded shell and secure in place.  Insert folded ends of legs into slits.  The ridges on the legs will keep them in place.  Bend legs slightly to stand.

 Flower Pot Turtles…
Turn a very small flowerpot upside down and sponge paint.  Any color looks cute.  Let dry.  Cut head shape out of green sponges, plus 4 legs and a tail.  With marker, draw eyes on head.  Glue head, legs and tail to flowerpot.  The head, legs, and tail are glued to the edges of the pot opening.


Click on picture for pattern

Slithery Snakes…
Measure the width of the playground tires & cut long white paper accordingly. Wrap the paper around the tire & secure with tape.  Have kids rub entire paper with the sides of green and brown crayons so the tread pattern is transformed to the paper.  Remove paper from tire & cut ends so the corners are rounded. Add 2 black eye dots & a red paper forked tongue.


Turtles In The Sensory Table…
Place assorted plastic turtle and wet sand in sensory table.  Form a small pool for the turtles to swim in by digging a hole into the sand and placing a variety of stones surrounding the pool.

Matching Spots…
Trace and cut out ten turtles. Color them green and number one through ten.  Cut out spots for on the turtles back and color them brown.  Have the children add correct number of spots to turtles back.

Bird Seed Exploration…
In a sensory tub, provide the children with a variety of containers and objects for filling and pouring and birdseed.  I have a collection of spoons, scoops, funnels, and clear containers – all made of plastic.

 Easel Painting…
Use assorted feathers as paint brushes and paint onto easel paper.

Sensory Table…
Place rocks and sand in the bottom of the sensory table and then filled with water. Add plastic fish, frogs, and lizards. Out of the plastic foam bought at a craft store,  cut lily pads to float on top. Add a few aquarium plants and the children have a ball playing in the pond.

Outdoor Pond Sensory Table…
Outdoor Pond Sensory Table


Snack Time Fun


Source: Librarystorytimeabc


Turtle Cookies…
Make rolled sugar cookie dough or buy the refrigerated “slice and bake” dough. Give the children green jelly beans that you have sliced in half horizontally. Shove them into the dough to make arms, legs and head. The children shake green sugar on their cookie. Bake as directed.

Frog Egg Pudding…
Let children help make the pudding.
Pour equal amounts in each cup.
Follow package directions on how to make it and let it chill.
The rice in the pudding are the frog eggs.
The children love to pretend they are eating frog eggs. There’s always one or
two children who think it is gross.

Wormy Pie…
1 foil cupcake cup per child
3 chocolate cookie per child
1 small box of instant chocolate pudding for every 8 children
2 c. of milk per box
1 Gummy worm per child

Place the cookies the plastic bag and crush into crumbs. Prepare chocolate pudding according to package directions.
Children put Gummy Worm on bottom on foil cupcake cup. Spoon in cookies crumbs and pudding.

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