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Thanksgiving Largest to Smallest Sorting Game

Thanksgiving Largest to Smallest Sorting Game

Thanksgiving Largest to Smallest Sorting Game

Print the preschool pattern Thanksgiving largest to smallest sorting game pieces and reinforce children’s abilities sort the piece from largest to smallest while reminding them to work from left to right.


1.) Print the patterns
2.) Laminate the sheets
3.) Cut apart the cards

Thanksgiving Largest to Smallest Preschool Math Sorting I NuttinbutPreschool

To Play:

1.) Sort all cards into piles of four – 4 turkeys, 4 Pilgrim etc.
2.) Encourage children to find the largest object of any one shape
3.) Work from left to right.  Placing the largest, next largest, until you have arrived at the smallest.
4.) Chose another pile of four, continue the process.

Thanksgiving Largest to Smallest I

What Skills Will A Child Learn?

  • Understand patterns, relations, and functions
  • Find things that are the same, or alike
  • Understand and notice variations in size, patterns, and shapes
  • Sort and group  by specific traits or attributes
  • Comparing for similarities and differences
  • Recognize and create patterns

Pattern 1
Thanksgiving Largest to Smallest 1

The patterns are full size.  Just save the graphic.

Pattern 2
Thanksgiving Largest to Smallest 2


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