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Tent Coloring and / or Art Project

Tent for Coloring or Use it for the Camping Art Project I Nuttin but Preschool

Tent for Coloring or Use it for the Art Project
Feel free to print the pattern to color or use it for the art project below.

Who is Sleeping in the Tent?
Let children decorate their tents, then cut a slit up the middle to make the tent flaps. Have the children draw a picture of themselves sleeping in their sleeping bags or use a cut out for them to color as themselves (use multicultural crayons).

Attach the decorated tents to the bulletin board let children tape the “picture ” of themselves sleeping inside the tent flap. Bend the flaps back so you can see inside the tent. You could also use a small photo of each child’s face to hide inside the tents..change them around and let the children guess who is inside each tent.

You are free to download the pattern from my dropbox account. Share your files between work and home with easy. Want your own Dropbox account?  It is free!  Download pattern in my DropBox.

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