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Teddy Bear Health Certificate

Fill out this teddy bear health certificate for each child’s bear that they bring in. The certificate makes a new add on activity for a bear or teddy bear theme.

The teacher is considered the BD (Bear Doctor). The BD checks the bears with stethoscopes, blood pressure cuffs, tongue depressors. If the bear has an ailment the teacher places a band-aid or some gauze on it to make it better.

The doctor prescribes bear hugs twice daily and lots of bed rest with owner. Sometimes the bears have to have x-rays.

Using an old xray and cut out a teddy bear shape out of the film. Check the bears eyesight by putting a patch over the bears eye. The patch will have a paw print and the children can tell you which way the paw print points. Left, right, up or down.

Printable PDF File —> Bear Health Award

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