Sandwich Bites – Puzzle Pieces Sandwiches

Make lunch time fun!  My children never liked eating the crust on sandwiches.  We purchased all kinds of gadgets to remove the crusts. One of our favorite cutters made round, pocket sandwiches like the Uncrustable Brand  in the freezer section of your grocery store.  We used The Pampered Chef Cut N Seal  for this.

Edible Pilgrim Hats

While paging through an issue of Family Fun Magazine in the doctor’s office last year, I came upon this cute idea that I just had to try!

Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Snack

Horn of Plenty Cornucopia Snack Use a sugar ice cream cone and fill it with a healthy trail mix to create a horn of plenty cornucopia snack.  

Fourth of July Flag Snack

Fourth of July Flag Snack Graham crackers, vanilla yogurt, licorice peels and blueberries make up this cute Fourth of July flag snack.