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    Wiggle Worm Color and Shape Circle Time Large Group Game

    This is one of my preschoolers all time favorite circle time games and why shouldn’t be? They get to get up and wiggle around periodically.

    I have an alphabet and number game that we play as well in the same manner. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will add the alphabet and number game patterns too.

    This way you create your can and print out the cards and you have three complete games in one.

    To Make Your Own:

    1.) Get a medium size can and spray paint it green.

    2.) Download & print pattern here —–>Wiggle Worm Color & Shape
    Download & print pattern here —–>Wiggle Worm Can Label

    3.) Laminate the color / shape cards.

    4.) Cut out the wiggle worm can graphic. Using a glue stick apply glue to the backside of the label and adhere the label to the can. Let dry.

    5.) Mod Podgeover the dry graphic on the can.  Wait for it to dry and apply a second coat.

    6.) Cut out your laminated cards and place them into the can.

    Directions To Play

    In large circle time introduce your children to the game.  Open the can and show them the cards with the colored shape colors.  Explain that you will be going around the circle and each child will have a turn to pull out a card.  Once they pull out their card they will look at it and tell the group what color and shape it is.  If they can not recall the color or shape it can ask the group for help.

    They can then return the card to the can or keep it until all the cards have been used.  Your choice.

    With any game there is always a twist.  Right?  Show them a wiggle worm.  If the wiggle worm card is drawn, the child who draws it must yell wiggle worms.  All the children stand up and wiggle like worms while standing.  The teacher then says “Oh, No!  A bird. HIDE!” Each child returns to a seated position quickly so they do not get eaten.  If a child does not stop wiggling or is wiggling during any time after the teachers direction, they must sit outside of the circle on a chair because they have been eaten by the bird. It only happens once, I promise you.  If seated outside the circle you can’t wiggle anymore and THAT isn’t any fun!

    Continue until all cards are played or you tire of the game.

    Have additional questions?  Try watching my YouTube video here.  It might answer them.

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