Popcorn Rhyming Word Game

Popcorn Rhyming Word Game Teach your preschoolers rhyming the easy way!  With this popcorn rhyming word game!  If you make learning fun and interactive, then children do not even realize they are working on the first step toward reading.

Sea Memory Matching Game

Sea Memory Matching Game Download and print the sea memory matching game. Laminate cut them apart and use as your basic memory matching game.

Seed Matching Game

Seed Matching Game I created this seed matching game pattern to go along with my preschool gardening unit. Please feel free to print out the pattern using the PDF files below. Either print them or save to your computer.

M&M Color Matching Fish File Folder Game

  Print the patterns using the link in below in red. Laminate and mount pieces in file folder.  Have the children match the correct colored M&M’s to fish.