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Table Top Counting Manipulative Game – Ladybug

Table Top Counting Manipulative Game - Ladybug

Table Top Counting Manipulative Game Ladybug

Table top counting manipulative game ladybug. Use the patterns below and follow the directions to create as many counting manipulative tabletop games as you wish.

1 copy of the ladybug pattern below

1 copy of the dotted number pattern below
78 buttons
12 red pieces of construction paper (optional)
Red colored pencil or crayon
12 un-lined index cards
Contact paper or laminating machine
Gallon size zip top bag
quart size zip top bag

1.) Print out 1 copy of each pattern in red below.

Ladybug Pattern
Ladybug Number Dots

2.) Photocopy the ladybug pattern onto red construction paper or use white paper and color the ladybugs red.

3.) Cut apart the dotted and number cards.  Place one number in the center of each un-lined index card.

4.) Laminate all index cards and ladybugs with contact paper or a heat laminating machine. Laminating the pieces with keep them in good condition for many years to come.

5.) Cut around each index card and rubberband them together. You may also cut around the individual ladybugs if you wish or keep them as large sheets.

6.) Locate 78 buttons.  These will be used to represent the ladybug spots.  I prefer to use black buttons.  If you can not locate black, feel free to spray them black or use any color you wish.

7.) Place the buttons in the quart size zipper bag.

8.) Place the cards, ladybugs and button in the quart sized bag into a larger gallon size bag.  If you chose to leave the ladybugs in full sheets, you may need to purchase 1.5 gallon zip top bags for all your pieces to fit.

Have addition questions?  Watch the step by step video:

To Play:
Can be play with one or two people.  If used as a two player game, have the children take turns playing.

1.) Remove the pieces from the large bag.  Place the index cards face down on the table.

2.) Place the ladybugs in front of the player (s).

3.) Remove all the buttons from the small bag.

4.) The first player flips over an index card.  If they can recall the number by looking at it, then they place the correct matching buttons on the ladybug.  If they can not recall the number from memory they must count the numbered dots to arrive at the answer.  Then they can add the correct button dots.

5.) If two players are playing the game the second person will check the first players number of dots to be sure they arrived at the correct answer.  Then game continues until all the cards have beed used.

If there is only one child playing have the child place the numbered card above the ladybug so you may check to see if the number placements match.



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