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Summer Preschool Theme

Summer Preschool Theme

Full Summer Preschool Theme

Ideas For Group Time

Summer is the season between spring and fall.  Usually the weather is hot and dry.  People seek comfort during summer by eating chilled foods, dressing appropriately, enjoying water activities, and using air conditioners.

There are several activities found during the summer to do, they include fishing, swimming, hiking, camping, golf, tennis, sunbathing, baseball and going on picnics.

Summer is the ideal time for vacations because the weather is pleasant, and schools are closed during hot months.  This may be the time you want to discuss where people go on vacation.  Summer safety is a good topic to spend a day on also.  Reminding children on swimming safety, protective measures in the sun, and boating safety.

Songs And Fingerplays

Summer Days…
In the summer when days are hot,
(Wipe forehead)
I like to find a shady spot,
And hardly move a singls bit
(Do not move a muscle)
And sit, and sit, and sit, and sit.

Summer Transition…
These are my sun glasses.
(circle eyes with fingers)
This is my great sun hat.
(Hands over head)
This is the way I fold my hands
(Fold hands)
And rest them, just like that.
(Place hands into lap)

Pack the paper plates and napkins.
(Pretend to pack)
Don’t forget the food and drink:
(Shake head no)
Hot dogs, potato salad, cake, and lemonade pink.
It’s fun to go on a picnic.
I simply cannot wait
To eat and play, have fun all day,
(Rub stomach)
And get home very late.

One Of My Favorite…
One of my favorite wishes
(One finger)
Is to play in mud that squishes.
To make a mud pie and mud cake
(Pretand to make mud pies)
And place them in the sun to bake.
(Form circles in the air)
Will it feel good, do you suppose,
(Point to a friend)
To squish the mud between my toes?
(Wiggle toes)

Ice Cream Flannel Board…
First we need a cone, (brown triangular felt ice cream cone shape)
Nice and crunchy.
Then we need some ice cream,
Sweet and yummy,
Scoop ’em on; stack ’em on’
Up to the sky.
We love ice cream; my, oh my!

First comes vanilla,
Cold and sweet.   (add white ice cream scoop)
Then comes chocolate (brown scoop)
A delicious treat.
Here’s some strawberry;  (red scoop)
Orange sherbet, too,        (orange scoop)
A super-duper scooper cone
Just for you!

One scoop, two scoops,
Three scoops, four.
We love ice cream
Let’s have some more!

Add some lemon sherbet; (Yellow scoop)
and a scoop of blueberry too. (blue scoop)
Now let’s start eating before it turns to goo.
(Click for printable pattern here)

Swimming in the water cool and bright,
(Pretend to swim)
I kick my feet with all my might.
(Kick feet)
And when I’m tired I float,
(Pretend to float)
Pretending that I’m a boat.
I like to hold my breath and dive.
(Pretend to dive)
I swim beneath the water and count to five.
(Hold breath and count to five on fingers)
Wow!  What a dive!

Picked up a wiggly worm, placed it on a hook.
Drop the line so gently into the bubbling brook.
(Pretend to be fishing)
Shhh I see a little fish nibbling at the bait.
(Put finger up to mouth)
He tugged upon the line, and the worm he ate!
(Pretend to tug and then open and close hands)

Fisherman Fished In The Water…
(My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean)
Fisherman fished in the water.
Fisherman fished in the sea.
Fisherman caght a big fish.
But this fisherman can’t catch me.

Fishing Game…
(Mary Had a Little Lamb)
(Child’s name) is going fishing, going fishing, going fishing.
(Child’s name) is going fishing.  What will he/she catch?
I caught a (color) fish, (color) fish, (color) fish.
I caught a (color) fish.  That’s what I caught.

You could pretend to fish out of a small wadding pool.  Attach a string to a wodden dowel.  On the end of the dowel attach a magnet.  For the fish cut out different colored fish out of construction paper and laminate.  Attach paper clips to the top of each fish.  The magnet will hook the paper clip catching the childs fish.

Gold Fish Golf…
Remove the rim off of gallon ice cream bucket.  Invert and cut out large mouth from the edge.  Cut tail from a piece of cardboard and attach to body.  Spray gold.  Glue two large eyes on fish.  Use a hallow plastic ball with holes.  Hit the ball into the fishes mouth with a yardstick.

Lemon Prints…
Cut a quantity of lemons in half lengthwise. Set several
aside to dry slightly. Store the remaining in the refrigerator.
Then gather: drying lemon halves, white construction
paper, newspaper, and yellow paint. Pour the yellow paint
into a pan, and have the child dip the lemon into it. Dab
onto newspaper, and then have them make a print on the
construction paper. After you finish the prints, make
lemonade with the remaining lemons!


Concentration Pool…
Fill an outdoor childrens pool with water.  Using 22 of the opaque plastic lids, divide them into two sets of 11.  Using a markerproof marker, number one set from 0-10.  Mark the other set with dots 0-10.  Float the lids face down and have the children take turns flipping the lids over for matching pairs.

Ice Cream Parlor…
Make scoops of Ice Cream from various colors of yarn pompoms
Real plastic ice cream scoops
Make cone shapes from brown paper
Small plastic cups
Plastic spoons
Turn a cardboard box over and cut 6-8 holes in the base…use as an ice
cream cone holder.
White aprons
Add cash register and play money and purses and wallets

Deep Sea Numbers…
Buy large metal washer from any hardware store.  Use a permanent marker mark each one with a different number of dots.  Throw all the washer into a small childrens pool.  Have the children fish them out one at a time.  The children must count the number of dot.  If the child is right and the other child believes the same than they may put the washer in their pile.  When all washer are fished out, than they throw them back in and start again.

Golf Tee Number Game…
Fold rectangle pieces of cardboard in half so it will stand.  Print number on one half of the card.  Punch holes corresponding to the number in the same half of the card.  Make several cards using different numbers on each card.   Children fit golf tees into holes according to numbers on card.

Water Table Fun…
Provide a variety of items that sink or float.  Have the children sort them accordingly.

Sandy Clay…
Find the recipe here.



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