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Stained Glass Leaves

Stained Glass Leaves Fall Art Project


Frame Mother Nature’s autumn season and beauty by creating colorful stained glass window décor.

What you need:

1.) Flour sack dish towel (a thin one)
2.) Colorful leaves
3.) Heavy books to press leaves
4.) Wax paper
5.) Scissors
6.) Construction Paper
7.) Clothing Iron (For adult use only)


1.) Pick colorful leaves a day or two before your art project. Wait until mid afternoon after all dew and moisture has evaporated before bring them inside. Place the leaves between two pieces of wax paper and place them inside of a heavy book so they will be pressed.

2.) Cut two pieces of wax paper in a rectangular shape. Place one piece of wax paper waxy side facing up.

3.) Arrange the leaves on wax paper keeping them at least a 1/2 inch from edge of wax paper.

4.) Take your second sheet of wax paper and place it waxy side facing down on top of your leaves.

5.) Place the thin, flour sack towel over the wax paper and iron over the entire print with an iron on a medium setting.

6.) Put a thin cloth over the wax paper & iron over it with an iron set on a medium setting.

7.) Finish off your art by cutting a border made from construction paper & trim the excess wax paper from the edges.

8.) Hang the art in your window & enjoy!

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