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Stained Glass Lantern Pumpkins

Stained Glass Lantern Pumpkin Craft


Create these cute stained glass pumpkins that will dress up your children’s homes for years to come.

For this project you’ll need:

Any glass jar
Delta Perm Enamel in green
Orange colored tissue paper
White glue diluted with a little bit of water
Small brush
Black construction paper


1.) Paint the threaded portion of the glass bottle with green Delta PermEnamel paint. Let dry.

2.) Put about 3 tablespoons of white glue into a cup and add about one tablespoon of water to create a consistency of watery paint.

3.) Paint the watered down glue around the outside of the glass jar. Paste the orange tissue paper on the jar.

4.) Paste eyes, mouth and nose out of black construction paper to decorate the pumpkin.

5.) To light up the pumpkin lantern add white Christmas lights or use a battery light up candle.

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