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Stained Glass Apple Art Project Pattern

Stained Glass Apple Art Project Pattern

Stained Glass Apple Art Project Pattern


Download and print the PDF file Stained Glass Apple Art Project Pattern to create the art project: stained glass apples, under the apple theme.

Teacher Prep:

1.) Photocopy one apple pattern below onto red, green or yellow construction paper.

Download and printable file —-> Stained Glass Apple Pattern


2.) Trace the apple pattern onto wax paper. Cut out the piece if you feel it may be too difficult for your children. If they stay pretty much on the tracing line you shouldn’t have an issue.

3.) Cut out the middle section of the apple. Easiest and quickest way to do this is by using an exacto knife.

4.) Glue the wax paper apple shape to the back of the construction paper apple.  Let dry.


Day of Project:


1.) Set out an assortment of tissue paper in yellow, red and green.

2.) Have children rip small pieces of tissue paper (think mosaic style).

3.) Brush a lot of glue (shouldn’t be an issue with children) onto the wax paper and stick mosaic pieces to wax paper.

4.) Allow to dry overnight.

Hang in a window for the sunlight to shine through the paper.


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