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St Patricks Day Lesson Plan Theme

St Patricks Day Lesson Plan Theme

St Patricks Day Lesson Plan Theme

This is my St Patricks Day lesson plan theme for preschool children. You can use the activities to help plan your weekly activities.



With the songs and fingerplays it is easy to save the images to a folder on Pinterest, on computer, phone or ipad.

Bring up the image folder at anytime to have them handy to sing and act out with your kids at a moments notice.

5 Green Shamrocks Flannel Board
Click on the photo to download the pattern and fingerplay.
Five Green Shamrocks Flannel board

I’m a Little Leprechaun Song

I'm a Little Leprechaun St Patricks Day Song

St Patrick’s Day Fingerplay

St Patrick's Day Song

I’m a Little Shamrock Song

I'm a Little Shamrock Song

How Many Leprechauns Fingerplay



Who’s Sitting on  Gold…

Click on picture to download

St Patricks Day Circle Time Kids Game

Shamrock Bounce…

You will need to paint an old tennis ball green.  Set five pie tins on the floor, number 1-5.  Give each child five bounces to land in the pie tins.  Add up the total numbers to see who wins.

Run Little Leprechaun…
Have the children sit in a circle.  Play music as the children pass around a shamrock made out of construction paper.  When the music stops the child holding the shamrock also stops.  The children yell “Run Little Leprechaun!”  The child gets up runs around the circle once then sits back down.  Let all children have a turn.


St. Patrick’s Day Is Here…
Select a child to be”it” Who then steps outside of the door or faces with his/her back toward the circle.
Sing the following song as the children are seated in a circle.  After the song ends the child who was selected to be “it” then has three chances to pick the child who will be sitting on the shamrock.
Sang to the tune(The Farmer In The Dell)
St. Patrick’s Day is here,
St. Patrick’s Day is here,
Let’s give a clap and dance a jig
St. Patrick’s Day is here.

St Patrick’s Day Bingo

St Patrick's Day Shamrock Bingo

St Patrick’s Day Game – Shamrock Bingo for Kids

  • SET INCLUDES: 24 unique Shamrock Bingo player cards with player chips, 24 caller chips, and game instructions.
  • REUSABLE – perfect for teachers – so you can play with each class you teach every St. Patrick’s Day.
  • PROFESSIONALLY PRINTED on premium cardstock: 5” x 7” player cards and chip sheets. EASILY CUT along dotted lines of chip sheets.
  • Perfect for SCHOOL ST PATRICK’S DAY events – St Patty’s Day bingo is kid-friendly and easy to play for classrooms of all ages.



Green Sensory Table…
Fill the sensory table with water.  Squeeze drops of blue and yellow food coloring into the table to make green water.  Add green floating and sinking toys.

Pot of Gold Maze…
Click on the picture below to download a copy.

Pot of Gold Maze St Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Counting Game..

Leprechaun Counting Gold Math

Everything’s Coming Up Green…
Dye the rice in your sensory table green.  Click on picture for recipe.

How to Dye Rice for St Patrick's Day for the Sensory Table


Gear Up For St Patrick's Day


Cereal Sort…
Purchase a box containing marshmallow charm shapes.  Have the children sort the cereal into bowls by color and shape.

Sensory Table…
Fill the sensory table with shaving cream tinted green by using tempera paint.  Add green glitter to the table.

Little Learners PDF & Zip Files For Sale

St Patricks Day Numbers 2-13 St Patricks Day Playdough Mats.



Leprechaun Handprint Art Project - For each leprechaun you will paint one hand on each child. Paint the fingers orange, the mid- palm yellow, the lower palm and thumb green. Press the hand onto the white construction paper and let dry. After the print is dry add the brim of the hat and facial features as shown.

Paper Plate Shamrock…
Color three paper plates green.  Staple the plates together in form of shamrock.  Add a stem by using a tongue depressor, to complete the shamrock.

Leprechaun Hats…
For each child you will need a cottage cheese container, a 3” long strip of green ribbon and a 2′ circle of green felt.  Give the children the materials and glue.  The ribbon should be glued around the side of the container.  The container is then glued to the felt circle.  If you wish the children can paint the container before assembling it.

Glitter Shamrocks…
Using cookie cutters in the shape of shamrocks have the children dip the cutters into shallow pans of paint and press to paper.  After they have desired amount of shamrocks, they may add glitter.

12 Books on St Patrick’s Day…

Click on the image to read about each book selection.

12 St Patricks Day books for little children

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