Spring Preschool Theme

Spring Preschool Theme

Spring Preschool Theme


I See The Wind…
(Hush, Little Baby)
I see the wind when the leaves dance by,
I see the wind when the clothes wave “Hi!”
I see the wind when the trees bend low,
I see the wind when the flags all blow.

I see the wind when the kites fly high,
I see the wind when the clouds float by.
I see the wind when the it blows my hair,
I see the wind most everywhere.

Blow, Blow,Blow the Wind…
(Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
Blow, blow, blow the wind
Gently through the trees.
Blow, and blow, and blow, and blow.
How I like a breeze!

Blow, blow, blow the clouds,
Blow them through the sky.
Blow, and blow, and blow, and blow.
Watch the clouds roll by!

The Wind…
The wind came out to play one day.
He swept the clouds out of his way.
(Make sweeping motion with hands.)
He blew the leaves and away they flew.
(Mke fluttering motions with fingers.)
The trees bent low and their branches did too!
(Lift arms high and lower them.)
The wind blew the great big ships at sea.
(Repeat sweeping motion.)
The wind blew the kite away from me.

My Umbrella…
Here’s my new umbrella,
Wide and high.
It keeps me cozy, warm, and dry.
If the rain starts falling from the sky,
I’ll just open it up and I’ll stay dry!

I’m a Little Seed…
I'm a Little Seed Song


Five Little Ladybugs…
Flannel board printable

Five Little Ladybugs Flannel Board Printable

Lady Bug Lady Bug Children's Song

Ladybugs Fly…
(Three Blind Mice)
Fly, fly, fly.
Ladybugs fly..
Fly over here.
Fly over there.
They fly up high and they fly down low.
Around and around and around they go.
They fly fast, and they fly-fly slow.
Oh, ladybugs fly.

The Days Of Spring…

Flower Garden…

Flower Begins to Grow Preschool Childrens Song - Growing Seeds


Spring Preschool Theme ART

Popcorn Flowers…
Allow the children to shake popped popcorn in brown plastic bags to which colored tempera paint has been added. Have them glue the popcorn onto paper in clusters and allow to add stems and leaves with crayons.

Butterfly Prints…
Have the children remove their shoes and socks. Allow one child at a time to dip a foot into paint (Any color) and step down into the middle of a large piece of paper. Have the child step into a tub of water to rinse his foot. Then have the child paint their hand by brush ,using maybe one color for two fingers, one color for the palm etc. Just to receive colorful wings. Have the child make a set of handprints on each side of the footprint. Have the child then wash and dry hands. When the paint is dry cut around the prints by an inch or two in the outline of a butterfly. For finishind touches add wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae.

Ladybug Prints…
Cut a potato in half. Dip into paint and allow children to make prints. When dry have them make spots by using ink pads and press fingerprints. Add eyes and legs unsing black felt tip pens.

Hanging Raindrops…
Get the pattern and directions by clicking on photo.

Raindrop Pattern for Art

Rainy Day Person…
Cut umbrella from sample of wallpaper books or brightly colored construction paper. Glue umbrella to another piece of paper. Cut two boots from yellow construction paper. Attach boots to bottom of umbrella.

Umbrella Pattern…
Umbrella Printable Pattern

Umbrella Design…
Cut top of large construction paper. Decorate with pieces of fabric or tissue paper. Mount umbrella on large piece of paper. To make handle, bend one end of pipe cleaner to form hook and glue other end to umbrella.

 More Ideas:

Mosaic Spring Pictures

Coffee Filter Umbrellas

Popcorn Spring Buds




Umbrella w/Rain

Paper Plate Ladybugs


Cloud Matching…
Over the course of the next couple of weeks snap shots of cloud formations. You may want to try to collect flat clouds, puffy clouds, storm clouds etc. When you have them developed make sure to order double prints. Allow the children to match up the cloud formations.

The Kite Game…
In a file folder, draw 10 kite tails, each having 1-10 bows. Cut small kites from construction paper and label 1-10 also. The children match the kites to the tails with correponding number of bows.

Moon Sand / Cloud Dough…
Some people call it moon sand and others call it cloud dough.  It really doesn’t matter what you call it, JUST MAKE IT.  Recipe HERE.

What’s In The Grass…
Fill your sensory table with grass this can be either grass from Easter or real grass(depends if
you can see it from under the snow in some states). Tuck plastic bugs in the
grass, frogs, snakes, along with birds and worms. Add hand held magnifiers
and encourge them to search the grass.

Ladybug Counting…
Spray paint about 85 large lima beans red. That’s 78 for the game and extras.
When the beans are dry provide fine tip markers (permanent) and invite the
children to add the dots. Label each container of an egg carton with numbers
1-12. Store the ladybugs in plastic bag. To use this center, a child must
match the correct number of ladybugs in the numbered space.

Flower Bingo…
Cut six petals out of the same colored construction paper and one green stem. Make enough flower colors for a group of four players. Cut out squares of construction paper for the same colors used for flowers. To explain this futher now you should have four sets of flowers. Something like six petals of blue, red, yellow, and orange. Now you must also have a colored square for each player to put into a paper bag. The players take turns drawing colors out of the bag, announcing the color and the child with that color may add a petal. This game is wonderful because each child is a winner in the end.

Spring Umbrella Ball…
Gather three soft sponge balls or bean bags. Set out an open umbrella upside down. Mark a starting line and let the children take three turns to see how may out of three they can complete.

Living And Non…
Provide two charts labeled living and nonliving things. Provide pictures of living and nonliving things. Children put pictures onto correct chart.

Flowers In The Sensory Table…
Provide flower pots with numbers written on them. Children must “plant” correct number of flowers.


Rainy Day Snack

Umbrella Snack



Orange Flowers w/Grape Middle

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