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Spring Lesson Plan Theme

Spring Lesson Plan Theme

Spring Lesson Plan Theme

A full weeks worth of preschool activities, songs, science projects and more to help plan a spring lesson plan theme.


Spring Songs and Fingerplays

Save a copy to any device to look back on during your group time activities.


Flower Garden…

Flower Garden Song


The Little Seed…


I'm a Little Seed Song


The Days of Spring…


The Days of Spring Song


Lady Bug Lady Bug…


Lady Bug Lady Bug


My Umbrella…


My Umbrella Preschool Spring Song


Blow, Blow, Blow Wind…

Blow Blow Blow The Wind Spring Song


Ladybugs Fly…

Ladybugs Fly Song


I See Wind…


I See Wind Preschool Spring Song


5 Little Ladybugs Flannel Board…


5 Little Ladybugs Flannel Board


The Wind…


The Wind Spring Song


Spring Preschool Theme ART


Popcorn Flowers…
Allow the children to shake popped popcorn in brown plastic bags to which colored tempera paint has been added. Have them glue the popcorn onto paper in clusters and allow to add stems and leaves with crayons.

Butterfly Prints…
Have the children remove their shoes and socks. Allow one child at a time to dip a foot into paint (Any color) and step down into the middle of a large piece of paper. Have the child step into a tub of water to rinse his foot. Then have the child paint their hand by brush, using maybe one color for two fingers, one color for the palm etc. Just to receive colorful wings. Have the child make a set of handprints on each side of the footprint. Have the child then wash and dry hands. When the paint is dry cut around the prints by an inch or two in the outline of a butterfly. For finishing touches add wiggly eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae.


Spring Preschool Theme ART



Umbrella Pattern
Cut top of large construction paper. Decorate with pieces of fabric or tissue paper.  Click on picture for the pattern.


Hanging Raindrops Art Project


Hanging Raindrops Art Project Pattern
Get the pattern and directions by clicking on the photo.


Emily’s Bluebird


22-page coloring book story is called Emily’s Bluebird.  A young girl finds a healthy, baby bluebird on a spring day.
This is a 22-page coloring book story is called Emily’s Bluebird.  A young girl finds a healthy, baby bluebird on a spring day.  Follow along as Emily learns what she needs to do.


Handprint Rainbow Art Project


This spring rainbow art project – group bulletin board or individual project turns out cute.
Spring rainbow art project – group bulletin board or individual project turns out cute.


Earth Day Coloring & Activity Book


Coloring book and activity booklet centered on helping to save the water, recycling, saving paper and saving energy.


Fingerprint Spring Pots

Fingerprint Spring Flower Pots
This is a fun rainy day activity during the spring or summer.  The flower pots make excellent gift ideas for Mothers Day and Grandparents Day too.


Wallpaper Flowers


Wallpaper Flowers
Children will get plenty of cutting practice cutting out petals for this project.  Each child cut ten out, a circle and stem from wallpaper samples.


Ladybugs From a Paper Plate


Ladybug Paper Plate Craft
Looking for a craft to go along with your spring or ladybug themes?  Try this simple ladybug paper plate craft.


Beatrice Honeybee Story Coloring Book

28-page Beatrice Honeybee story coloring book is about a honeybee named Beatrice who saved her colony.
28-page Beatrice Honeybee story coloring book is about a honeybee named Beatrice who saved her colony. There are plenty of teachable science moments about honeybees and what their job is in nature.


Ladybug Prints…
Cut a potato in half. Dip into paint and allow children to make prints. When dry have them make spots by using ink pads and press fingerprints. Add eyes and legs using black felt tip pens.


Rainy Day Person…
Cut umbrella from samples of wallpaper books or brightly colored construction paper. Glue umbrella to another piece of paper. Cut two boots from yellow construction paper. Attach boots to the bottom of the umbrella.

Free eBook Downloads


Bees Like Flowers

Bees Like Flowers Free eBook Download

Free download. Why do bees and butterflies like flowers so much? This book helps us find out. From Mummy Nature Series: A mini nature lesson wrapped up in color and rhyme.


Busy Bee’s Flower Book
Busy Bee's Flower Friends

Free download. The book is a 44-page book about a Busy Bee that flies to different types of flowers that you will learn the names and attributes of the flowers and then purpose for Busy’s flight. 


Spring Books On Amazon


Worm Weather

Join in the rainy-day fun, as kids splash through the puddles, affecting another weather enthusiast, a nearby worm. An imaginative and playful story, readers will love seeing the worm delight in the weather just as much as the kids.


The Big Umbrella


By the door, there is an umbrella. It is big. It is so big that when it starts to rain there is room for everyone underneath. It doesn’t matter if you are tall. Or plaid. Or hairy. It doesn’t matter how many legs you have.

Don’t worry that there won’t be enough room under the umbrella. Because there will always be room.


Planting a Rainbow

Book has bright and vivid pictures.  Identifies all of the different flowers and plants on each page making it an excellent choice for spring and garden growing themes.


I See Spring

Celebrate the season of spring with raindrops, robins, bluebells, and butterflies! In Charles Ghigna’s I See Spring, colorful illustrations are matched with rhyming, easy-to-read text that explores rain falling, flowers blooming, and other springtime wonders.


A Rainbow of My Own

 A boy runs out to catch a rainbow and can’t… so on the way home imagines what it would be like to play with a rainbow. Then when he gets home, there is a rainbow on his wall made by the fishbowl. This book reveals you cannot ever reach the end of the rainbow.


Kate, Who Tamed The Wind

A wild wind blows on the tippy-top of a steep hill, turning everything upside down for the man who lives there. Luckily, Kate comes up with a plan to tame the wind. With an old wheelbarrow full of young trees, she journeys up the steep hill to add a little green to the man’s life, and to protect the house from the howling wind.

Spring Science Activities


Parts of a Plant Poster

Parts of a Plant Poster
Printable poster and activities for a growing season theme.


Transpiration of Plants

Transpiration of Plants Preschool Science
In simple terms – the plant leaves are sweating.  Easy science experiment explaining and showing the process.


Seed Sprouting

Sprouting Seeds Hands on Preschool Science
A wonderful hands-on science project that allows children to actually see the changes in sprouting seeds.


Bugs Under Glass


Exploring Bugs Under Glass
Acrylic encased insects are very durable and the bugs encased in a hard plastic about the size of an ice cube or a little larger.  The set comes with a book and magnifying glass.


Printable Photo Lifecycle of Butterfly Cards

Step by Step Caterpillar to Monarch Butterfly Pictures and Explanation
Step by step caterpillar to monarch butterfly pictures and explanation walking you through the life cycle of the monarch butterfly.


The Sunflower Story


The Sunflower Story Mini Unit

It is a simple story about a bird that drops a sunflower seed and then the person that finds the seed, plants it. The story goes through everything the seed needs to grow and the parts of the plant.



Cloud Matching…
Over the course of the next couple of weeks snapshots of cloud formations. You may want to try to collect flat clouds, puffy clouds, storm clouds etc. When you have them developed be sure to order double prints. Allow the children to match up the cloud formations.

The Kite Game…
In a file folder, draw 10 kite tails, each having 1-10 bows. Cut small kites from construction paper and label 1-10 also. The children match the kites to the tails with the corresponding number of bows.


Flower Pot to Flower File Folder


Flower to Pot Color Matching File Folder Game
All the pieces to make a flower to pot color matching file folder game.

Cloud Dough


Moon Sand Recipe
Some people call it moon sand and others call it cloud dough.  It really doesn’t matter what you call it, JUST MAKE IT.  Recipe

Sink or Float

Sink or Float Sorting Game
Playing in the water is fun for any child, who says you can’t learn anything through play 😉 With these things that float and things that don’t – sink or float science center, learning is fun.

What’s In The Grass…

Fill your sensory table with grass this can be either grass from Easter or real grass (depends if you can see it from under the snow in some states). Tuck plastic bugs in the grass, frogs, snakes, along with birds and worms. Add handheld magnifiers and encourage them to search the grass.

Ladybug Counting…
Spray paint about 85 large lima beans red. That’s 78 for the game and extras.

When the beans are dry provide fine tip markers (permanent) and invite the children to add the dots. Label each container of an egg carton with numbers
1-12. Store the ladybugs in a plastic bag. To use this center, a child must match the correct number of ladybugs in the numbered space.

Flower Bingo…
Cut six petals out of the same colored construction paper and one green stem. Make enough flower colors for a group of four players. Cut out squares of construction paper for the same colors used for flowers. To explain this further now you should have four sets of flowers. Something like six petals of blue, red, yellow, and orange. Now you must also have a colored square for each player to put into a paper bag. The players take turns drawing colors out of the bag, announcing the color and the child with that color may add a petal. This game is wonderful because each child is a winner in the end.

Spring Umbrella Ball…
Gather three soft sponge balls or bean bags. Set out an open umbrella upside down. Mark a starting line and let the children take three turns to see how may out of three they can complete.

Living And Non…
Provide two charts labeled living and nonliving things. Provide pictures of living and nonliving things. Children put pictures onto the correct chart.

Flowers In The Sensory Table…
Provide flower pots with numbers written on them. Children must “plant” the correct number of flowers.


Snacks For Spring Lesson Plan Theme


Bird Nest Snacks

Egg and Bird Nest Snacks


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