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Splatter Screen Painting

Splatter painting is one of my children’s favorite art activities.  The method is simple, much like marble painting: there isn’t a wrong way to do it.

The product I purchase was a set of splatter screens with small brushes.  I found out that they discontinued this set.  So, I went to Amazon and purchased more kitchen ones.  The kitchen ones were larger and the kids loved them.  Splatter Screen Set Of 3

The process is a simple process of dipping your brush into a thinned watercolor paint. Thick paints do not work well. You will need to water them down. Then dab the brush onto the screen or flick it through the screen if your outside.

They work well if you place something like a leaf on the paper and the children flick the paint around it.  When they remove the leaf from their paper it leaves behind the outline.

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