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Spiders Preschool Theme

Spiders Preschool Theme

Full spiders preschool theme filled with activities to do with preschool children.

Songs, Fingerplays, & Group Time

Group Time Information…
Spiders are different from insects because they have eight legs and two main body parts. Insects have six legs and three main body parts. They have 8 legs and four pairs of eyes. They hatch from eggs and are called spiderlings.

Spiders spin webs from their spinnerettes on their abdomen. They actual spin 2 different types of silk. One is sticky and one is not. The one that is not is called the “drag line.” That is the one they use to swing and fall from place to place.

Preserve A Spider Web…
Materials: dark piece of construction paper, newspaper, CFC-free hair spray, spider web.

Find directions HERE.


The Spider…
The spider is a funny little creature.
Eight little legs are it’s biggest feature.
Tiny body, shiney eyes and a cute little mouth that says “YUM”.

The spider lives in the strangest places,
Window sills and flower vases.
Tiny body, shiney eyes and a cute little mouth that says “Yum”.

Incy Wincy Spider…
Incy Wincy Spider
Climbed up the water spout.
Down came the rain,
and washed the spider out.
Out came the sun,
and dried up all the rain.
And the Incy Wincy Spider,
Climbed up the spout again.

Spin Little Spider…
(Farmer in the Dell)
Spin little spider, spin (spin around)
Spin little spider, spin
“Round and round and up and down
Spin little spider, spin

Crawl little spider, crawl (crawl around)
crawl little spider, crawl
round and round and up and down
Crawl little spider, crawl

Dance little spider, dance (dance around)
dance little spider, dance
round and round and up and down
dance little spider, dance.

The Spider…
(Twinkle Little Star)
There’s a spider on the wall
If he’s careful he won’t fall
He moves slowly down the wall
I can watch him crawl and crawl
I wonder if he minds my stare
Or does he know and just not care

Spider, Spider…
Spider hurrying, (Run fingers back and forth)
Spider scurrying,
See her silken thread. (Stretch imaginary thread between forefingers and thumbs.)
Spider hurrying, (Run fingers back and forth.)
Spider scurrying,
See her little web. (Make spiral with forefingers.)

Make A Web in Large Group…
Have children sit in a circle on the floor. Give them a ball of black yarn, One child holds on to the end and then tosses the ball to another child. That child hold the spot and tosses the yarn ball to another, and the game continues with the yarn tossed again and again making a web, to end reverse the sequence and wind the ball back up.

Art Fun

Marble Webs…
Make a “web” by having children “marble paint” with white paint on blackpaper. When dry, glue a plastic spider onto web.

Spider Puppet…
Materials: Sturdy straw or craft stick, yarn, spider ring. Tie the spider ring to the yarn and the yarn to the craft stick. You will need to tape the yarn around the straw to make sure it is firmly attached. This will make a spider puppet that is GREAT for using with There is a Spider on the Floor by Raffi. The children can have their spider travel around their bodies according to the directions in the song.

Handprint Spiders…
Fold a half piece of black construction paper in half. (It will look like 1/4
size). Help the children trace their hand and four fingers–not the thumb-
along the fold. When cut out and opened, you will see the four fingers have
now made 8 legs. Add reinforcement sticker eyes and you are all set. These are
cute. You may need to play around with them for a little bit if you haven’t
done them before. Make sure the fingers aren’t too “skinny”–they need to be
full to make a cute spider. Last year we made a bulletin board display of
these by making a large web with yarn and taping the spiders onto the yarn.

The Very Busy Spider…
See post HERE.

Styrofoam Tray Spider Web…
Take Styrofoam fruit/meat trays and punch holes with a pencil into the tray
(as many as you want.) Tape yarn to back of Styrofoam tray. We use plastic needles tied to the other the end of the yarn. (if not available you can make “masking tape” needles – by wrapping the end of the yarn with masking tape…it’s just more time consuming for YOU.) Children sew in, out, over, under, around their meat trays…any way that they want to. When done we tied a plastic spider ring onto a piece of yarn and attached to our “webs.” At Halloween one year I used black meat trays with orange, black, and white
yarn. The colors were “stunning” together and very “Halloween.” But still very developmentally appropriate.

“Sticky” Web Collage…
One day talk about “Why do spiders catch insects?” “How do spiders catch insects?” “Why can’t the insects get out of the webs?” “Why don’t spiders stick to their own webs?” After answering all those questions we make “sticky web collages.” You can do this individually or cooperatively in groups. Cut a piece of contact paper. Peel off the backing and tape “sticky side” up onto the table. Put out loads of “collage materials” — anything that will stick to the contact paper. What will the kids “catch” on their “sticky webs?”

Distressed Photography Collection

Spider Prints…
Cut 8 skinny slits in toilet paper rolls part way up the sides and bend them out a little. Let the kids grab the rolls and dip them into black paint. Press the leg slit end onto the paper to make spider prints!! Glue eyes on them and they are really cute!!!

Spider Webs…
Cut poster board circles with 8 slits or V’s cut out evenly around the edge. Tape end of yarn to the back. Kids weave a “Web” across, around, under and over their poster board circles. Tie the elastic string and the above spider to their “Spider Webs.” (The spider will “bounce up and down” on their elastic string…the kids loved these!).

Another Spider Web…
Notch small cuts all the way around a styrofoam plate. Give the children a rather large piece of yard. I usually do white plates and black yarn. The children begin weaving the yarn thru the cuts, criss crossing and going back and forth on the plate–this makes the spider’s web. When there is about 8″ of yarn remaining you can help the children tie on a spider ring. It will look like the spider is spinning the web.


Sensory Table Fun Water Spiders…
Put out a tub of water with rubber/plastic spiders floating in the water. The children have fun trying to catch these water spiders. Use fish nets/ plastic tongs/egg separators /tweezers/ scoops…use your imagination….great for fine motor and eye/hand coordination.

Spider Prints…

Some spider ringsor rubber spiders dipped in paint make great spider prints!
A fun “free Art” activity!

Spider Web Printable Maze…
Printable maze HERE.

Easel Spider Webs…
Bend and cut coat hangers and attached wooden or plastic empty thread
spools to the middle… (this is hard to explain but your coat hanger becomes
the handle for a “spool roller.”) When dipped in paint and rolled across
easel paper the spool rolls and makes very thin lines. The kids love to roll
these over and over their papers. White paint on black paper or Black paint
on White paper produces a “spider web” effect. Then the children paint spiders
onto their webs –remembering 2 body parts/8 legs.

Snack Time Treats

Oreo Cookie Spiders…
Use Oreo cookie for a body and licorice legs to the cream filling part of the cookie.

Ritz Cracker Spiders…
Spread a Ritz cracker with peanut butter or cheese spread. Add pretzels for legs.

Spider Crackers…
Take two Ritz crackers and spread one half with peanut butter, place stick pretzels on for legs. Put the other Ritz on top to make a sandwich. Dip two raisins in peanut butter and stick on top for eyes. The children loved making these and eating them.


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