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Snowman Sock Art Project

No snow?  No Problem!  Create rows and rows of cute sock snowmen indoors.

Photo Credit: Madison Library

Juice Lid for each snowman
Mini Pom Poms
White Sock for each child
Fabric Glue


1.) Crumble up three balls of newspaper to fill the three sections of your snowman (Small, medium and large balls).

2.) Put a jar lid in the toe of a sock. Crumple newspaper into three balls. Put the largest one in the sock on top of the lid.  Tie a piece of white string around the section when the large section is flat on the bottom and is formed the way you would like.

3.) Add the middle snowball section and top sections as well. Tying white string around each section.

4.) When you get to the top of the sock opening, fold over the sock to create a hat. Tie ribbon around the folded over sock to secure it and add a brimmed effect.

5.) Use fabric glue to glue the pom poms, carrot nose and eyes to the snowmen.

6.) Use fabric to create and tie a scarf for around the snowmen. Fringe the edges with scissors if you would like.

Now you have a really cute sock snowmen!

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