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Shiny Easter Eggs (Coloring Eggs)

Coloring Easter eggs is an enjoyable activity for children.  Besides the actual act of coloring, the eggs can be used for snack time and the colored shells collected to use in mosaic art projects at another date.


Hard boiled eggs
Metal spoons
Food coloring
Vegetable Oil
Bowls or cups for each color
Empty paper towelling or toilet paper tubes
Paper towelling

1.) Using the empty tubes, cut 1 1/2 inch rings to hold drying colored Easter eggs.


2.) Lay out newspaper on a table or a counter.  Place the paper tube drying racks on top of the newspaper. 

3.) Set out a bowl or cup for each egg color you would like to create. Be sure to use a bowl that will house the full egg.  Remember the water level will raise when adding the egg to the colored mixture. For each colored cup you wish to make add 1 cup of water, 1 Tablespoon of vinegar and 7-10 drops of each color of food coloring.


4.) Using a metal spoon, dip a white egg in one bowl of colored water. The longer you let the egg sit in the colored water, the brighter the color will become


5.) After you have achieved the color you wish, remove the colored egg using a metal spoon. Place the egg onto one of the tube holder until dry.


6.) If you would like your eggs to have a shiny appearance, rub the DRY eggs with a paper towelling with vegetable oil and let it soak into the shells.


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