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The Sea Lesson Plan

The Sea Lesson Plan

Fish Are Swimming...
(Frere Jacques)
Fish are swimming, fish are swimming,
In the sea, in the sea,
A-splishing and a-splashing,
A-splishing and a-splashing,
Look and see, look and see.

Take Me Out to the Ocean…
(Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

Take me out to the ocean
Take me out to the sea
There goes a starfish and sand dollar,
I’m having such fun, I’ve just got to holler
Oh, it’s swim, swim, swim, underwater
Catch a ride on a whale, don’t fear,
For the sea animals are our friends,
Let’s give a great big cheer!

Scooping Up Sand…
(Ten Little Indians)

Scoop up sand and put it in your bucket.
Scoop up sand and put it in your bucket.
Scoop up sand and put it in your bucket.
How much do you have?

I Went Smimming In The Ocean…
(I’ve Been Working on the Railroad)

I went swimming in the ocean
On a summer day.
I went swimming in the ocean
And kicked, and splashed and played.
After lunch we looked for seashells
I found three or four
You can hold one up to your ear
And hear the ocean roar.
Hear the ocean roar
Hear the ocean roar.
You can hear the ocean
Roar, roar, roar.
Hear the ocean roar
Hear the ocean roar
Hear the ocean roar, roar, roar.

I Went To The Beach…
I went to the beach

And what did I see?
A bird on the sand (Using fingers- make thumb and index finger touch)
Looking at me! (each other making a birds beak)
I went to the beach
And what did I see?
A fish in the water (Using hand and make it like a fish swimming)
Splashing at me!
I went to the beach
And what did I see?
A shell in the sand Make one fist with one hand and have the other
Sparkling at me! finger tap top of fist
I went to the beach
And what did I see? Make a crab using all 10 fingers(place hand over
A crab in its shell other hand and wiggle fingers)
Waving at me!

Here is a Sea Gull Song…
(Frere Jacques)

I see sea gulls
I see sea gulls,
At the beach,
At the beach,
Soaring, diving, fishing,
Soaring, diving, fishing,
At the beach,
At the beach.

Other verses:
I hear the ocean,
I hear the ocean,
At the beach,
At the beach,
Crashing, splashing, foaming
Crashing, splashing, foaming,
At the beach,
At the beach.

Off I Go Fishing…
Off I go a-fishing, a-fishing,a-fishing,

Off I go a-fishing,
To the sparkling brook.
I hope there is a big one, a big one, a big one,
I hope therre is a big one,
To nibble on my hook.
First I cast my line in, my line in, my line in, first I cast my line in.
And hold the pole so tight.
Watch the bobber go under, go under, go under,
Watch the bobber go under-
I think I’ve got a bite!
Now I start a-reeling, a-reeling, a-reeling,
Now I start a-reeling,
This fish must weigh a lot!
Here it comes a-wriggling, a-wriggling, a-wriggling
Here it comes a-wriggling-
Just see what I have caught!
Have the kids pantomine the actions when singing this


Sea Animal Stamps
Seaside Stampings
Purchase a sea stamps like the ones pictured (Amazon) and let the children go wild creating their own seaside pictures.  You can purchase this exact set by clicking on the red text above or the picture to the left.

Sea Animal Memory Match…
Click on the picture to bring you to the posting on this site to download the pattern.

Preschool Sea Memory Matching Game - Download and print the sea memory matching game. Laminate, cut them apart and use as your basic memory matching game.


A Day At The Beach…
Provide beach bags, beach towels, sand pails, sand shovels, toy boats, sea shells and empty suntan oil bottles in the housekeeping area.

Beach Stones…
Collect a variety of smooth beach stones. Add them to the sensory table and allow the children to sort them according to size or color or make designs in sand table.

Use an appliance box to create a mini-submarine. First cut an access hole in the back of the box. Cut portholes for viewing and cover with plastic wrap. Draw marine animals on the outside along with plants. Hang fish in front of the windows. Add gadgets inside the box for instrument panels. Place the box in the housekeeping area.

Sorting The Sea…
Have the children study seashells, sand dollars, and other sea items have the children sort them into their own categories.

Purchase —> Sand Dollar & Starfish Mix
Purchase —> Sea Shells Mixed Beach Seashells – 50+ Seashells!

What is Sand?…
Use a magnifying glass to examine sand. Talk about how sand is actually tiny pieces of rocks, shells or coral. Explain that sand is created when materials such as rocks rub together. Over time, tiny pieces of rock wear off and these pieces become sand. To explain this concept have the children rub two sugar cubes together to make “sand”. My children had fun with this. Leave all items out for children to examine.

Additional Ideas

90 Plastic Sea Animals For Sorting

Beach Ball Fun…
Place two beach balls of different sizes on a small blanket while several children hold the sides of the blanket and make the beach balls move up and down like popcorn popping or roll them from side to side by moving their arms.

Crab Races…
Have children practice walking like crabs. Once they are able to move in that position, they are ready to race. The children may have individual races or team races. Children may race forward or backwards.

Mark a goal line at each end of playing field. Choose a child to be the octopus, the rest of the children are fish. The object is for the octopus to catch the fish by tagging them with a sponge ball. If a child gets hit they must freeze and become an octopus tentacle. The tentacle may help the octopus by using their hands outstretched to tag fish. Only the octopus may move however.  To begin playing, all fish line up at one goal line. The octopus calls out,”Fish, fish, swim in my ocean.” At this command the fish must try to cross the ocean without getting caught. The last one to be tagged is the next octopus.


Sand Drawings…
Spread newspaper over the table. Have the children draw pictures by squeezing glue into a picture. Then have the children sprinkle sand over the glue and set aside to dry.

Stuff a Sea Animal…
Have the children draw huge sea animals with felt tip pens onto newspaper. Making sure that when they trace and cut to have the newspaper doubled. Paint both outsides of the animal. Let dry. Staple to two pieces together but leave a hole on one side to stuff the animal. Stuff the animal with newspaper. Staple shut. The animals look great hanging from the ceiling.

Bend a wire hanger into the shape of a diamond. Cut a big piece of aluminum foil into strips and tape around the diamond shape. Crisscross the strips in the other direction. Add three strips for the tail and a white paper circle with a dot in the center for an eye.

You will need 3 pieces of tissue paper per child, 1 piece of white construction paper, glue, and a variety of colored construction paper.

1.trace fish patterns on colored construction paper.
2.have students cut them out, or you can do it if they are unable to.
3.glue fish to white construction paper, you may want to make some rocks and seaweed too.
4.glue tissue paper on in layers, use a wavy pattern with the glue to imitate waves. The tissue paper is transparent and works better than colored cellophane. Happy fishing!!!


Fishing For A Snack…
Items needed: Blue napkins, medicine cups, pretzels, goldfish crackers and peanut butter. Instructions: Open up napkin and place fish in the middle. (The napkin is the ocean.) Have peanut butter in the cup. (This is the bait cup.) Use pretzels for fishing rods. Dip in bait (peanut butter) and catch a fish. Eat fish and bait. keep fishing until all the fish are eaten.

My three year olds loved this snack.

Beach Food….
Take saltine crackers and cover them with cream cheese (that has been tinted with blue food coloring). This is the water. Then the students can add goldfish to make an ocean scene.

Make Mini Jello Aquariums…

mini jello aquariums snacks I Nuttin but Preschool

Could you find some blue drinks?

You can always cut fruit roll ups into ocean animals and place them on cupcakes or cookies. Very decorative.

Sand Pudding…
Sand Cups

“Sand” pudding–vanilla pudding with graham cracker crumbs sprinkled on the top and a gummy worm or animal cracker sea animals protruding from the pudding cup.


A House For Hermit Crab
by Eric Carle

Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar
by Joyce Audy Dos Santos

Whale Song
by Tony Johnston

Who Sank the Boat
by Pamila Allen

Is This a House for Hermit Crab
by Megan McDonald

by Leo Lionni

At the Beach
by Anne Rockwell

Clams Can’t Sing
by James Stevenson

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