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Science Bugs Under Glass

Science Bugs Under Glass I

Science Bugs Under Glass

This set was at our local library for story time and part of their hands on exploration for the children.  I have also seen it mentioned in a few additional places and it gets pretty good reviews. So, I decided to do a little review on the product.

Geo World Bugs World Collection of 12 Real Insects

Bugs Under Glass

Acrylic encased insects are very durable and the bugs encased in a hard plastic about the size of an ice cube or a little larger.  The set comes with a book and magnifying glass.  Truth be told the book is so, so.  Large, scientific words for preschool children.

Bugs Under Glass - Preschool Science


The kit magnifying glass is cheap. But, that didn’t stop the kids from exploring science bugs under glass was a huge hit. Instead, they waited patiently for the “good” magnifying glass.


Bugs Under Glass - Preschool Science


The preschoolers were having a blast exploring and discussing the similarities and differences between their bugs.  All in all, I’d say any product that holds their attention is worth purchasing.

The kit above is a good basic starter kit. The library has added additional sets to gain a welcomed variety of creepy crawlies to study.

Besides magnifying glasses you could add microscopes and additional bug books to a center and the children would be lost studying them.

For the price.  I’m sold.  They do not belong in a museum and thankfully, you do not pay the museum pricing.


Before I go, I want to answer a question I receive fairly often via Facebook messenger.  

Question: Why haven’t you updated your site or posted on Facebook for a loooong time.

Answer: I haven’t been working in the field.  I still volunteer, but truth be told, not that often.  

This winter I am going to restructure the website.  There is plenty of information out here that can’t be found because I didn’t have a clue what I was doing when I started blogging in 1997.  The gold is under a vast, deep sea of hidden pages 🙂

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