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Sandwich Bites – Puzzle Pieces Sandwiches

Make lunch time fun!  My children never liked eating the crust on sandwiches.  We purchased all kinds of gadgets to remove the crusts. One of our favorite cutters made round, pocket sandwiches like the Uncrustable Brand  in the freezer section of your grocery store.  We used The Pampered Chef Cut N Seal  for this.

The Pampered Chef Cut N Seal was the best invention as my children were growing. We saved a wealth of money buy making up our own PB&J sandwiches and freezing them in freezer bags.

Photo Credit: TJStaab

If the Ginsey Sandwich Cutters Puzzle Bites cutter would have been around when my children were growing, we would have added it to our collection.

It is literally, the cutest sandwich cutter currently on the market! If you are looking to pre-make sandwiches for your freezer or just make lunch time a ton of fun – think of investing in one of the suggested cutters.

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