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Recipe for Corn Syrup Paint

Recipe for Corn Syrup Paint

Recipe for Corn Syrup Paint

Want a paint that looks wet even when it is dry to the touch? Maybe you want to paint sugar cookies with your children but want something easy; with ingredients, you have in your pantry right now.

Watch the video for a quick overview of how to make this paint.  There are a few projects ideas listed below that you can use the paint to create.

Use The Paint For These Ideas


Corn Syrup Hearts…

Cut two large hearts out of waxed paper for each child. Make corn syrup paint by mixing food coloring into corn syrup. Give the children OLD paintbrushes (this is very sticky) and have them paint one of the hearts. When they are done painting, have them put the other heart on top of the painted heart. Let dry for a couple of days and then hang in the window.  Heart Pattern

Shiny Easter Eggs

Print out the egg shape and use the paint to decorate Easter eggs

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