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Rainforest Preschool Theme

Rainforest Preschool Theme

A full rainforest preschool theme 

Songs, Fingerplays, Group Time Fun

(I’ve Been Working On The Railroad)
I’ve been working in the rainforest,
All among the trees.
I’ve been working in the rainforest,
Where I saw the bats and bees.
Parrots, butterflies and toucans,
Monkeys and hummingbirds galore,
Frogs and snakes and spotted leopards
On the rainforest floor!
I’ve been working in the rainforest,
All among the green.
I’ve been working in the rainforest,
Where the plant life must be seen!
Ferns and mosses and lianas,
Orchids and honeysuckle, too.
Oh, how special is the rainforest,
A magic place come true!

Boa Song..
I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor, boa constrictor, boa constrictor.
I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor,
Now what do you think of that?
Oh no—he’s got my toe
Oh gee—he’s has my knee
Oh my—he’s up to my thigh
Oh fiddle—he’s up to my middle
Oh heck—he’s up to my neck
I’m being swallowed by a boa constrictor, boa constrictor, boa constrictor.
I’m being swelled by a boa constrictor
No! No! No! (In a high squeaky voice)

I’m A Little Monkey…
( Im a Little Teapot)
I’m a little monkey in the tree
Swinging by my tail so merrily
I can leap and fly for tree to tree.
I have lots of fun you see.

I’m a little monkey, watch me play.
Munching on bananas every day.
Lots of monkey friends to play with me.
We have fun up the tree.

Five Little Monkeys Swinging in a Tree

Add A Word…
Words related to the rain forest such as jungle, humid, canopy, etc. were written on a chart and reviewed each day.

Fitting In…
Get a book on indigenous people of the rainforest and face paint the children to look like the tribal people. Then string beads for tribal necklaces.

Find 100’s of Children’s Books on the Rainforest
Search all children’s book on the rainforest here!

Rubber Snakes, Felt Board Figures, Puzzle & More
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What’s Missing…
Another learning circle was the game of “What’s missing?” Pictures of rain forest insects were put out. Each child had a turn to close their eyes while one or more pictures were removed. They then had to guess what was missing. On the day we learned about animals, child was given the word and picture of a rain forest animal. They had to match it to a chart which contained the first and last letters of the word with the appropriate spaces in between.

There are four levels of a rainforest.
The emergent level is the top-level of the rainforest.
The canopy is the next layer where monkeys, apes and exotic plants live.
The canopy is like living under a big green umbrella.
The understory is the next layer. It is the home of bats, frogs,
butterflies and many other animals.
Finally is the forest floor. It’s dark on the rainforest floor because the trees keep most of the light out.

Pre/Post Assessment
(Pre Assessment) On day 1 of the unit ask the class to draw a picture of a rainforest. Once they’ve finished their drawings, ask them 1 to 1 “What is a Rainforest?” Write down their exact answer on a note pad. Put their responses on the computer and attach them to their drawings. Put the pictures together into a class book. NOW, start the unit.
(Post Assessment) Use on the last day of the unit. Ask the class to draw a picture of a rainforest. Ask individually again, ” What is a rainforest?” Put their responses onto the computer and attach them to the pictures and create another class book. Read both the pre rainforest book and the post rainforest book and compare.

Itsy Bitsy Monkey…
(Itsy Bitsy Spider)
The Itsy Bitsy monkey climbed up the coconut tree.
(“Climb” up the tree, by alternating cupped hands one on top of the other in the air.)
Down came a coconut & hit him on his knee—OWWW!!!!
(Make a double fist above head & hit your knee on “ow!”)
Out came a lion a-shakin’ his mighty mane—ANNND—
(Frame your face with your hands, fanning fingers out for mane. Shake head
& hands. Slow down tempo on “And”)
The Itsy Bitsy monkey climbed up the tree again!
(Increased the tempo & climb back up the tree)

Listen to the Rainforest…
Buy sounds of the rainforest. Have the children close their eyes tell them to imagine they are in the rainforest. As the sounds play ask them to think about:
1) animals that they see
2) what the animals are doing
3) sounds the animals make
4) do they see plants/what kind
5) what is the temperature like
STOP the recording and have the students talk about these things or draw a picture about them.


Decorate two toilet paper rolls as desired. Cellophane may be used to cover the ends. Glue the two together or wrap with colored tape/yarn. Punch a hole on the side of each roll near one end. Thread string or yard through holes to produce a neck strap. Knot at each end. Instant binoculars, great addition to the housekeeping area.

Tie Snakes…
Take one of dad’s old/ugly ties- the busier the print the better. Cut open on of the ends, and fill 2/3’s all the way with poly-fillthen, insert either a hanger you have made straight or a length of medium light gauge wire. fill the rest of the way, and sew/glue/web-iron the tie closed again. The wire or hanger seems pretty important to giving the body some shape and letting you give it that “s” shape, but I guess you could skip that part if you had to. Now, add wiggle eyesand the long tongue with the “v” shape at the end, and you have a rain forest anaconda! Young ones should be able to most of the project!

The second time around we left out the wire as it has a tendency to poke through the ends. When making your snake leave the tag on the underside, the children put the snake around their neck and put their finger through the tag to make them move. (we used Dowling to poke the stuffing down the tie.)

Fill (1) 8′ or 9″ clear plastic cup with potting soil. Cup should be about 3/4 full. Plant non-poisonous plant cuttings, covering the roots well. (Another suggestion is to use grass seed. Sprinkle on top of soil but don’t cover.) Water lightly. Place another cup on top so that the mouths of the cup touch each other. Help the child tape both cups together. Place in an area where they can be easily see, but out of inmmediate reach & in moderate sunlight. As the water in the terrarium evaporates, it condenses on top & “rains” back down on the plant.

Use a precut cheetah shape and used Do-a-Dot Art Brown Dauberto paint the spots!

Make rainforest collages from rainforest products coffee, sugar, tea.

Rain Sticks…
Wrapping Paper Tube(Heavy Duty and completely taped and one end)
Drywall nails 3 1/2 inch long
Small child sized hammer
Tissue paper
Hammer nails into the tube covering it top to bottom in random patterning. Tape one end of your tube if it doesn’t have a lid. Fill with 1/2 cup of dry rice. Cap the other end with your hand and roll back and forth. Do you want to add more rice? Do you need more nails? If you are satisfied with your sounds of rain, then seal the tube at the other end with tape or the lid. You may want to tape around the tube with the clear tape so the nails will not come out and the design will be protected. Then tear small pieces of tissue paper add dip them in one part water and glue solution and place onto tube. Continue adding the paper until you get the desired effect wished.

Make newspaper trees by taking 3 sheets of newspaper and roll them up overlapping as you go. Tape the bottom. Cut about 4 or 6 slashes 1/3 of the way down the top. Gently pull up on one of the inside “leaves” and then you have a paper tree. Paint if desired and place around room as decorations.


Easel Painting…
Provide several shades of green paint (lighten & darken shades by adding white or a little black paint to the green). As a variation, you could add a scent (mint extract?).

Safari In The Housecorner…
Make pretend cameras from old check boxes and toilet paper rolls. Hang green crepe paper for the vines and attach birds, monkeys, butterflies and other rainforest species. They also can bring in stuffed animals and birds to add the area. If you have backpacks and binoculars it’s definitely a huge success.

Reading Pond…
Place a small inflatable swimming pool in the book corner and around it decorate the walls as if you were in the rainforest. Add a variety of animals and books to cuddle up with.

Stringing Beads…
As part of the tribal dress allow the children the string beads in patterns to create their own special designs.

Place an assortment of cookie cutter and sponges (I used the Grow Magic Capsule Safari Animals) on the art table along with assorted colored construction paper and paint. Allow free construction.

Jungle Sort…
Place a variety of plastic animals out for sorting purpose. Place a picture of a rainforest on one strawberry basket and on the other a picture with a circle with a line through it. Explain that the children are the sort the animals in the correct containers.


Freeze bananas in the freezer, one for each child. When frozen remove and dip in chocolate, decorate with rainbow sprinkles.

Jungle Animal Centerpiece…
Pick an apple that will stand up by itself nicely. Cut the apple in half, horizontally. Place the two cut ends in a little lemon juice, to retard browning). Cut a plastic straw into 3 equal pieces. Pick 3 jungle animals from a pkg. of animal crackers. Place the straws into the bottom half of an apple evenly. Attach each animal cracker with a dot of peanut butter. Press top half of apple into bottom half of apple. Instant animal carousel.


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