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Spring Rainbow Art Project – Group Bulletin Board or Individual

This rainbow project turned out so cute.  The entire classroom could use their handprints to create a rainbow for the bulletin month of March for St Patrick’s Day or the month of April for April showers bring May flowers.

This project could easily be scaled down to just a piece of tagboard for individual handprint rainbows as well.

Butcher block paper or tagboard
Pencil with an eraser
6 shallow pans to hold paint
Paint in Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

Handprint Rainbow Art Project


1) Using whatever paper you wish, lightly hand draw a rainbow outline with a pencil.  You will want to lightly section the rainbow off into 6 strips for handprints to stay within also.  Keep the lines light because you will erase all the pencil guidelines after the paint is dry.

2.) Fill each one of the six shallow pans with one, of the 6 individual colors.

3.) Start with the purple paint.  Your rainbow should be placed with the little n of the rainbow facing you.  Dip a child’s palm into the paint. Use the picture above as a guideline.  You start on the left side, bottom of the rainbow, following the arch shape.  The first color placement is fingers up.

4.) Follow the same pattern for Purple, Blue and Green.

5.) Now switch sides of the paper. For Red, Yellow and Yellow – notice the hand placement in the picture.  It is important to start your first row red on the edge, so that the wrist becomes the rainbow outline.  Fingertips do not work as well as the edge.

7.) Let the handprint rainbow dry.  Cut the shape out after it is dry.

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