Preserve a Spider Web – Hands on Preschool Science


During the spring as we are working with many insect themed activities, I throw in a quick learning lesson.  Each time insects come up I have a few children that relate to spiders as insects.

For that reason, I like to throw a day into the spring mix to spend on spiders.

I do plenty of STEM related activities and this activity – is for my STEM friendly teachers out there.

Some points I like to touch on:
1.) A spider is not an insect.  It is an arachnid.
2.) Spiders have eight legs,  Insects have six.
3.) Spiders eat insects.  Insects eat many things.
4.) Insects have antennae.  Spiders do not.
5.) Most insects have wings,  Spiders do not.
6.) Spiders have two body sections.  Insects have three body sections.


Preserve A Spider Web

Dark piece of construction paper,
CFC-free hair spray
Spider web

Hands on Preschool Science Preserving a Spider Web

1.) Look around for a vacant spider web. Watch a web carefully for several minutes. See if you can find the spider it belongs to. Do you see any insects trapped in the web? Is there an egg sac? Inspect the web carefully over a few days before taking it for your project.

2.) Place newspaper on the ground or floor below the web.

3.) Spray the web with hair spray. Cover it very well.

4.) Hold the construction paper flat behind the web. Gently push the paper toward the web until the web stick to it.

5.) Pull the construction paper away.

6.) Cut off excess silk.

7.) Look at the web.  What do you find interesting.  Are all webs alike?

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