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Popcorn Lesson Plan Theme

Popcorn Lesson Plan Theme

Want to do a little something different? Try some of the ideas in my Popcorn lesson plan theme. There are songs, art projects and more to keep your little ones busy. Many of the ideas could be used with a spring theme, too.

Songs, Finger Plays and Group Time Fun

Popcorn kernels
In the pot
Jump and dance
When they get hot.

And when they’ve
Carried on enough,
They do a flip
And turn to fluff!

The Popcorn Kernel…
I am a popcorn kernel,
On the electric range,
With oil to my ankles,
Waiting for the change.

Pop, pop, it’s started happening,
The noise has just begun.
Pop, pop, there it goes again.
It sounds like a lot of fun.,

Explosions to the left of me.
Explosions to the right.
I’m just about to blow my top,
I really think I might.

How Corn Grows…
The farmer plants the seed and waters it (seed)
The seed begins to grow — down (roots)
Then up (stem and first leaf)
It grows (add leaves, one at a time)
And grows
And Grows
Until a tassel grows on top. (add tassel)
Ears grow between leaves and stem
And when they’re big and fat
The farmer harvests them.

We peel the husk (opened ear of corn)
And find the corn on the cob.
Let the kernels dry
Put them in a popper
And turn them into POPCORN! (popcorn pieces)

Sung to: I’m A Little Tea Pot
I’m a little popcorn in a pot.

Heat me up and watch me pop.
When I get all fat and white, I’m done.
Popping corn is lots of FUN!
Everyone gets down very low for the first part of the song. At the end jump way up high together on the word FUN!


Pop, pop, pop
Says the popcorn in the pan.
Pop, pop, pop,
You may catch me if you can.

Pop, pop, pop
Says each kernel bright and yellow.
Pop, pop, pop
They are clever little fellows.

Pop, pop, pop
As they scamper ‘cross the heat.
Pop, pop, pop
They are very good to eat.

Pop, pop, pop
Pop, pop, pop

You put the oil in the pot and you let it get hot
You put the popcorn in and you start to grin.
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
Sizzle, sizzle
We start the poem in a crouched position, knees bent, hands on the floor. When we start to “sizzle” we s-l-o-w-l-y rise until the final POP! when we jump up in the air.

Popping, Hopping Popcorn
One little kernel (Hold up one finger)

Sleep in the pot. (Curl up and pretend to sleep)
Turn on the heat
And watch it pop. (Jump in the air)
Popping, hopping popcorn; (Hop around)
A munchy, crunchy treat. (Pretend to eat)
Pour on the butter (Pretend to pour butter)
And now let’s eat! (pretend to eat)

Sung to the tune of “The Muffin Man”

Do you know how to pop popcorn,
Pop popcorn, pop popcorn?
Do you know how to pop popcorn?

Make it hot and watch it pop,
Watch it pop, watch it pop.
Make it hot and watch it pop.

Pour in a bowl and share with a friend,
Share with a friend, share with a friend.
Pour in a bowl and share with a friend,

Art Projects

Popcorn Flower
Pop popcorn and place handfuls of popcorn in plastic Baggies and add a different color to each bag of powdered tempera paint. Shake well to distribute paint all over the popcorn. Cut stems and leaves out of green construction paper and glue them to tag board. Glue on the colored popcorn to make spring flowers.


Popcorn Rhyming Words I


Popcorn Sheep
Print out a copy of the sheep pattern here.  Fill in the sheep pattern with popcorn.

Bloom Tree
Print out the pattern found here for each child.  Glue popcorn onto the tree branches to become the blossoms.

Tub of Popcorn
Print the pattern here. Print one copy for each child.  Have the children glue popped kernels to fill their buckets.

P is for Popcorn
Print the pattern here.  Then copy one for each child,  Allow them to fill in the letter with popped kernels.


What Else Popcorn

Make popcorn and give it to the children to eat!


Popcorn Rhyming
Teach your preschoolers rhyming the easy way!  If you make learning fun and interactive than children do not even realize they are working on the first step toward reading. Popcorn Rhyming Game

Popcorn in the Sensory Table
Add popcorn to the sensory table for the children to play with.

Sorting Colored Kernels
Label each container of an egg carton with colored dots. Pop popcorn and place handfuls of popcorn in plastic Baggies and add a different color to each bag of powdered tempera paint. Shake well to distribute paint all over the popcorn. Store the popcorn in plastic bags. To use this center, a child must match the correct colored popcorn kernels in the colored space.


The popcorn book was written and illustrated by Tomie de Paola.
New York: Holiday House, c1978.
Presents a variety of facts about popcorn and includes two recipes.

Popcorn by Alex Moran; illustrated by Betsy Everitt.
San Diego: Green Light Readers/Harcourt Brace, c1999.
Illustrations and rhythmic, rhyming text show what happens when popping popcorn gets out of hand.

Popcorn by Frank Asch
New York : Parent’s Magazine Press, c1979.
Sam Bear invites his friends to an impromptu Halloween party and asks them to bring a treat.

The Huckabuck family and how they raised popcorn in Nebraska and quit and came back by Carl Sandburg; pictures by David Small.
New York : Farrar Strauss Giroux, c1999.
After the popcorn the Huckabucks had raised explodes in a fire and Pony Pony Huckabuck finds a silver buckle inside a squash, the family decides it is time for a change.

The popcorn dragon wrote by Jane Thayer; illustrated by Lisa McCue.
New York : Morrow Junior Books, c1989.
Though his hot breath is the envy of all the other animals, a young dragon learns that showing off does not make friends.

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