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Pocket Number Sorting Numbers 1-12

Pocket Number Sorting Numbers 1-12

Pocket Number Sorting Numbers 1-12

This pocket number sorting numbers 1-12 recognition and one to one counting activity would go well with a Hat, Shoes, Pockets Theme, Dr. Seuss Theme or just to use to reinforce skills in centers.


Directions To Make:

1.) Download the patterns 1-6 Pockets and 7-12 Pockets and print them out.

2.) Photocopy the patterns onto blue construction paper and laminate them.

3.) Cut out the pockets to be used as a top table manipulative set.


Pocket Number Sorting Numbers 1-12


Directions to Play:

1.) Collect 78 small items to place in a bowl as sorters. It can be all one object or mix the objects up for fun.

2.) Place all the pockets out in front of you.

3.) Read the number on the card and place that many objects on the pocket.

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