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Pizza Theme

Pizza Theme

Pizza theme activities for preschool theme.


Piz-za, piz-za. Let’s have piz-za!
Let’s have piz-za with cheese on top!

Piz-za, piz-za. Let’s have piz-za!
(Anyone’s name) wants piz-za with (whatever topping they mention) on top!
Pizza Song…
Twinkle, Twinkle
Pizza, pizza it’s a treat.
Pizza, pizza is fun to eat!
Hooey-gooey cheese so yummy.
Crunchy crust goes in my tummy.
Pizza, pizza it’s a treat.
Pizza, pizza is fun to eat!

Art Ideas

Paper Pizza Reward Chart Or Puzzle…
Draw a large circle on white poster board with a smaller sized circle inside (3/4″ in from outside circle). Have the children color in the “crust” (the outer circle) a tannish/brown crust color and the inner circle color in a reddish orange for the sauce. Glue on paper food… we use pink Canadian bacon, red pepperoni, brown hand torn pieces of sausage, tan mushrooms, little “dices” of green pepper and the best, but most tedious small sliver strips of white mozzarella cheese (it’s best to put these on by putting on several at a time) we glue all these on to our crust with white glue. Once dry I use contact paper as a laminate to cover the top of the pizza so no pieces fall off. Draw lines so that there are 8 pieces of pizza and let the kids cut them out. Child needs to write their name on back of each slice of pizza. Put the pieces together in order matching up your slices with the one that should be next to it…number the slices in clockwise order. Then glue magnets to the back of each slice. Once dry the children have a wonderful pizza puzzle that they can take home. We use ours as incentive charts…if child does something extra special that day they get a slice of pizza. When chart is complete they get a reward!

Pizza Book…
Take the cardboard box from a frozen pizza (my class is small so each child is doing one of their own) I cut and added paper to the inside (stapled) and the kids are drawing and writing (or telling me what to write) their own favorite pizza story! List the recipe for individual pizzas and bubble pizza in the back of the book; also the names of our favorite pizza story books…”Hi, Pizza Man!” by: Virginia Walter Curious George and the pizza by: Margaret Rey Pizza soup by? And others. In this wonderful unit the children get to work on shapes, colors, counting, cutting, gluing, writing skills, the wonderful work of cooking, they get to draw and invent stories. Be the author and illustrator of their OWN book!


Making The Crust…
Set out white playdoh and have the children roll it out with small rolling pins. You can add different colored playdoh for the children to add topping if you wish.

Sensory Table…
Place flour, wooden spoons, measuring cups, mixing bowls and other utensils in the sensory table allow the children to mix up dry ingredients for pizza dough. If you dare allow water for a realistic adventure.


Personal Pizzas With Your Kids…
Refrigerator biscuits pressed between waxed paper (by children), place on a sprayed cookie sheet. Then spread pizza sauce over each crust, kids add a mixture of meats ( 3/4 ground beef cooked with 1/4 pork sausage) and top with mozzarella cheese! Cook at 450 for 6-10 minutes or ’til turns the desired pizza color. Kids love cooking and this is a very simple project if you have the meat precooked and cheese already shredded before the kids take over!

Bubble Pizza Recipe…
2 cans refrigerator biscuits cut or torn into 4 pieces each (by children) add 1 jar of pizza sauce in a large bowl. Add any other pizza ingredient you like on your pizza (pepperoni fried sausage onions, green peppers, mushrooms) Stir into biscuit pieces, mixing well! Pour into a Greased 9×13″ pan. Bake at 350 ’til almost done. Top with Mozzarella cheese to melt (browned) takes approximately 25-30 minutes to cook.

Hi, Pizza Man! by: Virginia Walter

Curious George and the Pizza by: Margaret Rey
Pizza soup by?
Little Nino’s Pizzeria by: Karen Barbour’s

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