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Pizza Pie Game – Tally Marks and Counting Game

I introduced this game during our afternoon circle a few years ago while volunteering at HeadStart.  It was a game that I had fond memories playing with my own children during their preschool years.  It was an immediate hit and the children picked it up within two rounds.

It can be played individually or in a group setting.

Plenty of counting, number recognition, understanding tally marks and understanding 4 different ways a number can be expressed.  The written word, the numeral, tally marks and by dots on the die.

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Instructions to Make the Game:

1.) Download all three patterns below and print them out.

2.) Laminate the pattern.

3.) Cut the pizza into 6 equal pieces using the dash marks provided on the pattern.

4.) Laminate a few of the tally mark score cards.

5.) Add the pizza pie pieces, tally sheets, a Erase Marker and a die to a zip-top bag or manilla envelope.  I hang everything on a dowel rod to store my pieces.  I use these Clip Hooks to hang them.

Instructions to Play

1.) Player one rolls the die.

Pizza Pie Game


2.) The player will count the number dots on the die and remove the piece of pie for that number. Example:  If on their first turn they roll a 6, they count the dots and they remove the slice of pizza that has the number six on it.

Pizza Pie Game


3.) On the score sheet with the tally marks they would record the proper tally marks for the number six using an Erase Marker.

Rolling Die for Pizza Pie Game


4.) The player continues, having three turns.  If the player rolls a six again, their turn is over and they hand the die off to the next person.

Download Game:
Pizza Pie Game Dice Grid
Pizza Pie Game Tally Mark Sheet
Pizza Pie Game Board


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