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Penguin Lesson Plan Theme

Penguin Lesson Plan Theme

Penguin Lesson Plan Theme

A full week of activities in this penguin lesson plan theme to keep preschoolers busy learning about penguins.


Songs and Fingerplays

I’m A Little Penguin…
(Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little penguin on the ice.
I think cold is very nice.
I can hop around first once,
Then twice, I think ice is very nice.

I’m A Little Penguin…
(Tune: I’m a Little Teapot)
I’m a little penguin black and white.
Short and wobbly, an adorable sight.
I can’t fly at all but I love to swim.
So I’ll waddle to the water and dive right in.

I’m a Little Penguin…
(“I’m a Little Teapot”)
I’m a little penguin
Round and fat
Here is my beak,
Here is my hat.
Winter days are coming,
Hear me shout,
“Please don’t toss
My mittens out!”

On Top Of An Iceberg…
(“On Top of Old Smoky”)

On top of an iceberg, All covered with snow, I saw my first
penguin And I wanted to know.

Oh is it a bird,
Or is it a fish?
I looked at his feathers,
And knew which was which.
I said, “Mr. Penguin,
Which species are you?”
He said, “I’m an emperor,
And not a gentoo.”
I said, “Mr. Penguin,
What’s under you patch?”
He said, “It’s an egg,
It’s ready to hatch!”
I said, “Mr. Penguin,
Oh, where is your wife?”
“She’s out in the ocean,
She’ll be back tonight.”
Said Mr. Penguin,
“Her name is Jill.
She’s out in the ocean,
Feeding on krill.”
The next thing I knew,
I heard a small peep.
And I saw a chick,

At the emperor’s feet!

Three Little Penguins Dressed In Black…
Three little penguins, dressed in white and black.

Waddle, waddle forward and waddle right back!
Three little penguins, in a funny pose,
They are wearing their evening clothes.
Their suits are black and their vests are white.
They waddle to the left and they waddle to the right.
They stand on the ice and they look very neat,

As they waddle along on their little flat feet.

Six Little Penguins…

Six little penguins off an iceberg did dive,

One bumped his beak, then there were five.
Five little penguins swam the ocean floor,
One saw a whale, then there were four.
Four little penguins spun around, whee-ee!
One spun off, then there were three!
Three little penguins, with nothing to do,
One went fishing, then there were two.
Two little penguins, having lots of fun,
One fell off, then there was one.
One little penguin, when the day was done,
Went home to sleep, then there were none.

Printable Flannel Board Pattern Here

Penguin felt shapes off Amazon

Books on Penguins


Penguin Fingerpuppets…
Made out of film canisters. You cut the lid in half. Hot glue them to the sides for wings. Finish up by adding a white foam belly and an orange beak and two googly eyes.

Frosted Penguin…
Cut out penguin shapes from black paper. Paint with Epsom Salts deluded in water. Makes penguin look frosty.

Penguin Costume…
Use a grocery bag and orange construction paper to turn into a penguin! Slit the front of the bag from top to bottom. Cut a neck hole in the bottom of the bag. Cut wing shaped flaps in the sides. Color the bag black and white to resemble a penguin. Form a cone from a triangular piece of orange construction paper. Staple it together and punch a hole in each side. Tie a 12 inch piece of string through each hole. Place the cone over your nose like a beak and tie the strings together at the back of your head. Now put on the bag and have a Penguin Parade!

Penguin Coloring Page…
Follow the link HERE to my free printable penguin coloring page.


Smart Splash Color Penguins in Water Table…

Put Smart Splash Color Penguins along with giant ice cubes and water in the water table. Buy penguins HERE.

Play Don’t Break the Ice…

The kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this game! Buy HERE

Pengoloo Game…

Collect six penguins on your iceberg by rolling two dice. Lift 2 penguins to try and match color of dice to eggs. Super simple game that becomes a quick favorite.
But it HERE

Penguins in The Block Area…

Add some penguins and icebergs to the block area and let the children take it from there. Buy them HERE

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