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Paper Plate Reindeer

Paper Plate Reindeer

Paper Plate Reindeer

Make up your own herd of these paper plate reindeer. The craft has a simple materials list and it is fairly easy to pull together, which makes the craft a winner.



    • Brown tempera paint
    • Paintbrushes
    • Reindeer antler pattern for each reindeer (photocopied on brown heavy cardstock)
    • Scissors
    • White, red and black pre-cut circles (eyes and nose)
    • Black marker
    • Paper plate for each reindeer
    • Glue

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1.) Paint the paper plate with brown tempera paint can be done in the morning.
2.) Cut reindeer antlers out of brown cardstock.
3.) After the plate is dry; glue on eyes, nose, and antlers.
4.)  Draw mouth on with black marker.

Reindeer Plate Art Craft Project I Nuttin but Preschool

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1.) It is best to paint the paper plate body in the morning to allow it to dry.  Assemble in the afternoon.

2.) For younger children, the antlers may need to be pre-cut.

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