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Name Card Pencil Necklace Pattern

Name Card Pencil Necklace Pattern

Name Card Necklaces…
(Use with back to school theme)

Using my pencil pattern below print and cut out one pencil for each child that will be attending your class and a few extra, just for unexpected late enrollments.

On the back of each individual name card write:
1.) Child’s full name
2.) Home address
3.) Label the bus route number, walker or car rider
4.) School name and telephone number
5.) Classroom teacher’s name
6.) A note to the parents to return the tag each day with their child

Name Card Pencil Necklace Pattern

Pencil Pattern Print Here

You can print off the information using address labels and then stick them to the back as a time saver.

The front of the tag will just be labeled with the child’s first name in bold black marker so you will be able to spot it and have a visual the first week. You may want to color and laminate the pencil name card for durability. Cut a piece of yarn large enough to fit around the child’s neck to form a necklace. Attach one alligator clip to one side and again to opposite side using the second clip.

After the first week you will pretty much have an idea of names and faces, however name card necklaces have a multiple purposes. Substitutes love to have name cards so they can be familiar with children’s names and system for departure and you can use them as a transition to different activities throughout the school year by picking a name necklace out of a box.





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