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My Home My Neighborhood Theme

My Home My Neighborhood Theme

A full my home my neighborhood theme lesson plan.

Songs, Fingerplays, and Grouptime Fun


Down At the Dump…
Down by The Station
Down at the dump early in the morning,
See the dump trucks standing in a row.
See them dump the garbage
In a great big pile,
Dump, dump, dump, dump,
Watch them go.
Pretty soon our dumps will all be full,
We had better figure out something to do.
We could all recycle
Some of our garbage,
Recycle, recycle,
Watch us go.

I Am A Policeman…
I’m A Little Teapot
I am a policeman, with my star.
I help people near and far.
If you have a problem, call on me.
And I will be there, 1, 2, 3!

Letter Carrier…
Letter carriers haul a very full pack
Of letters and packages upon their back.
Step, step, Now ring, ring, ring!
Oh what surprises they will bring.

The People In Your Neighborhood…
Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood,
In your neighborhood, in your neighborhood?
Oh, who are the people in your neighborhood
The people that you meet each day?
Oh, the postman always brings the mail
Through rain or snow or sleet or hail.
He’ll work, and work the whole day through
To get your letters safe to you.
Oh, the fireman is brave it’s said
His engine shiny red.
If there’s a fire about,
Well, he’ll be sure to put it out.

The Family Tree Game…
Teacher children the following chant in order to play.
Thank, thank, thank you, tree.
Thank you for my family!
I pick you, you pick me,
I pick a _____ for my tree.

Gather children in a circle leaving one child to stand in center. Recite chant, and have the child in center name a family member (Dad, mom, grandma, baby etc.) Choose a child to join the circle. Repeat the chant and allow the newest child to pick a family member. Continue until every child has had a turn.

Five Sugar Buns…
Five sugar buns in the baker’s shop,
Big and round with icing on top.
Along came _____ with a dime one day,
She/he bought a sugar bun and took it away.
No sugar buns in the baker’s shop
Big and round with icing on top.
Please, Mister Baker, bake once again,
And this time bake eight, nine or ten!

Helper Charade…
Say a list of three words with one being a community helper. When the children hear the helper, they act it out. Say freeze, discuss the helper and then continue on with the next set of three words.

Police People…
Here are 2 ways to observe and collect fingerprints. Rub a pencil point several times on paper. Rub the child’s finger in the graphite and stick a piece one child’s fingers, observe that each print is the same. But everyone’s prints are different. Have child touch a metal box. Pour a line of powder at the edge of the box and “blow” gently. With a soft brush, very lightly brush over the box.
Fingerprints will appear transparent tape over it. Then stick the tape onto paper.
After doing several of them. Allow children to use magnifying glasses to examine prints.

Bakery Shop…
(have different colored felt doughnuts, give each child a penny)
Down around the corner at the bakery shop
There are a bunch of little doughnuts with sugar on the top
Along came (child’s name) with a penny in his/her hand
(S)he took the (color) doughnut & away (s)he ran!


Building Cities…
We build cities out of boxes, cartons and of course blocks in the block corner — any kind of container you can think of. They love it.

When we did a unit on houses/homes, we built homes out of cardboard milk cartons, old boxes, etc. You could make other building (stores, etc.)

Computer Game…
There is a game available for the computer called Easy Street. You walk through a town collecting items for your shopping list. It promotes math skills.

Making Maps…
Our 5’s love making maps — how about making a map of your room, school or neighborhood? Then allow them to use small cars with them in the block area.

Bakery Shop…
Give the children a large batch of play dough that you could scent with cinnamon, and cookie cutters. Let them have fun making bread, cookies and cakes.

Flower Shop…
I found several plastic vases at a thrift store, and filled them with plaster of paris half way, so they are weighted – not so tippy. I have a variety of inexpensive flowers to “arrange” in the vases. I pre-cut the stems down a little. The children can also stick fake green plants and flowers into small plastic flower pots that have styrofoam balls wedged in it.


All Kinds of Families By Joe Lasker
One More Time By Louis Baum
Horace By Holly Keller

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