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Mouse Paint – Numbers 1-10 – Mice & Snakes

Number Mouse Paint I NuttinbutPreschool

This number matching table top manipulative concentrates on recognizing the written numbers 1-10, the spelling of those numbers and the correct counting of the numbers 1-10. The game would pair nicely with the book -Mouse Paint


Just print the pages.  Laminate the cards so you can use them year to year.  Cut the snake cards on the black line and your students can start playing this game today!

The cost for this PDF file is $1.75

The 15 page PDF Includes:

1.) Written Instructions on how to make and play the tabletop game.

2.) The picture above as a reference.

3.) 10 full page, full color, mice in jar cards. The set includes the numbers 1-10 with the correct corresponding mice in jars and the number written out on the cap.

4.) 3 full color snake cards with the numerals 1-10 written on them.
Number Mouse Paint I NuttinbutPreschool

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