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Moss Terrarium

Moss Terrarium

Create Moss Terrarium

A moss terrarium is a living, miniature ecosystems in closed glass vessels.

They are an excellent choice for home and school decor and for the first-hand witness to how ecosystems work.  Best of all, they require little work.  A few sprays of water each week will do. 


Small jar from craft store or recycle any glass jar with cover.
Activated charcoal
Potting soil
Moss from the the great outdoors


Moss Terrarium - Hands on Science
Photo Credit: Knitting Zeal


1.) Small layer of gravel on the bottom of jar.
2.) Small layer of activated charcoal.
3.) Layer of potting soil.
4.) Plant moss shallowly on top of soil.
5.) Water a bit.
6.) Replace cover.

Place on a sunny windowsill. A few sprays of water will keep your moss terrarium healthy.

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