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Marbleized Egg Prints

Marbleized Egg Prints

Marbleized Egg Prints

Simple child lead art activity using eggs to make marbleized prints.

This project takes a little teacher prep work a few days before trying to make your masterpieces.

Marbleized Egg Prints

Here are the supplies you will need:
Mod Podge
Plastic Eggs
Foam Brush
Small Plastic Container

Supplies For Egg Printing

1.) Cut string to wrap around your Easter eggs. While my string was attached to my spool, I wrapped my egg to see how much I wanted.  It is a personal choice.  When you have what you want, cut it off.

Brush Outside of Egg With Mod Podge

2.) Dip a foam brush into the Mod Podge and coat the outside of the egg.


Mod Podge and String

3.) Put your first string for wrapping an egg into a shallow, plastic container.  Pour Mod Podge over it.  You will want to stir it around gently to coat the entire string.

Remove string from the container.  Use your fingers to remove some of the excess Mod Podge from the egg.

Start wrapping the string around your egg.  It will slip and slide a little.  It will even raise up in some spots.  This is ok.  As it dries in the next 30 minutes, just push the edges down.  There will still be some raised string spots here and there when it dries. It will still turn out fine and is expected.  You get want to be sure that there is a “cage” around the egg. Complete this process for all eggs you want to complete.

Egg wrapped in string

This is what the egg will look like until it is dry.  This part will need to be completed at least the night before.  The eggs need 24 hours to completely dry.  It is tack dry in about 30-60 minutes.

Eggs With Stickers

4.) I also made up eggs with raised sticker jewels.

Egg Painting

5.) Now comes the fun!

Materials Needed:
The eggs you created
1 shallow container to hold paint
1 plastic box with sides that will hold your paper flat.

6.) Set a piece of paper on the bottom of your plastic container.  We used plain papers and also THIS PATTERN  of an egg.

Filling container with paint

7.) Put a little paint into a different plastic container (Just 1 color and remember it is a separate container than the one that holds your sheet of paper).

Egg with Paint

8.) Dip your egg into your paint and then place the egg into the container that has your paper.

egg rolling art project

9.) Roll the eggs around the plastic box.  We just picked the plastic boxes up and tilted the boxes where we wanted the paint to cover the paper.

10.) Each time the children wanted a new color we added another paint color to the container we started with.

Egg Print Design

As each color and egg variety got added to the mix, the papers turned into marbleized masterpieces.

After the papers dried we cut out the Easter egg shapes and they made “eggcellent” Easter decor.

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