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Lunch or Snack on the Go Containers

Looking for a quick and easy way to pack a traveling lunch or snack?  My friend Nicole has a pretty nifty idea for preparing and traveling with food for herself and daughter.


Nicole is a pretty creative woman!  I hope to team up with her soon and help her spread her wings into the blogging world. I wish I could show you the birthday party she planned and implemented for her 2 year old daughter – now to convince her to take the plunge so we can tap into her creativity!

Here is her simple way to travel with a snack or lunch on the go…

1 plastic sandwich type container with cover
4 washed plastic tubs that are left over after eating applesauce

1.) Place all four plastic applesauce containers into the sandwich container.
2.) Fill the compartments with items like fruits, veggies and dip, meats, crackers and nuts.
3.) Once you have packed your food assortment, cover and take it with you anywhere.

The lid pretty much hold all the foods in their respective containers, except liquids.

Now, I use this method for both of my children.  I like the method because it has a variety and they do not like full sized sandwiches.

Try it out.  See if you like it too.

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