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Learning Aids to Help With Alphabet Recognition

I have always armed myself with toys preschool children LOVE to help them with alphabet recognition. Some I buy, some I make.

These are products that you can purchase from Amazon.

All products do have links to Amazon.  I am not going to lie or mislead you, I get a small kickback if you purchase anything. The pricing is the same if you go to Amazon or you purchase through any of my links.

The way I see it, is if you to like the product, then I do get a little money back for my time that I am writing posts and creating patterns for you to use for free from this site.

Smart Snacks Alpha Pops
They are a fun learning tool that are little Popsicle-shaped objects with uppercase and lowercase letters on them. Find the matching letters and colors and “sticking” them back together!

They are double-sided to include all 26 letters. I love this because it creates less toys (which equals less mess!) but it still covers the whole alphabet!

However, these Alpha Pops are also great for practicing fine motor skills (by putting them together) and fun imaginative play!

Magnetic Wooden Alphabet
The letters are made of real wood and the entire back of the letter is magnetic. There are a total 52 letters with both lower and upper case. The letters are stored in a wooden case with a very well designed a clear plastic cover that slides on and off.

The whole item weighs less than a pound, safe for child handling.

The biggest letter is uppercase W. It is 2.3″ wide and 1.9″ tall.
The smallest letter is lowercase i. It is 0.6″ wide and 1.7″ tall.


Alphabet Soup Sorters
The pictures of real objects are easy to identify. The material the pictures are printed on is a durable, thick cardboard. The size of the pictures are perfect for little hands.

Younger children can match the letters to the cans or work on naming objects. Older students can identify the letter the objects begin with or can sort the pictures by beginning letter sound. It is self correcting because the words are on the back of every photo.

Alphabet Stamp Set
The stamps are good quality, easy to hold and come in a sturdy, wooden storage box. The stamped letters are clear and the font is easy to read. Toddlers enjoy stamping, pre-schoolers enjoy creating letters and words and the older kids cards, etc. Kids can also trace stamped letters adding to its educational value.

Wikki Stix Alphabet Cards
Motivating teaching tool for struggling learners. The tactile feedback is important and helps to teach them how to form the letters while learning the

letter names. The stix are made of yarn and wax, so that they are non-toxic. They are easy to bend and adjust and easily stick to themselves so you can make other creations as well. The stix are relatively sticky on the included cardstock alphabet cards, any plastic type surface, dry-erase board, basically anything with a shiny coating, but does not stick to your hands (similar to the stickiness of a sticky note pad). Reusable again and again

Alphabet Dough Stampers – Lowercase
Kids love them! Suitable for children ages 2-6 years. Learning lowercase letters is easy–and fun–with dough stampers
Each easy-grip stamper has a clearly visible letter printed right on it.

Pop for Letters Game
This game is great for young learners. Children pull popcorn pieces out then say the letter aloud. You can make the game harder by having them name words that start with that letter or even write them down!




Alphabet Center Pocket Chart
Letter, word and picture recognition are easy to learn with this colorful Alphabet Center Pocket Chart. Includes 156 coated picture cards (picture on one side, word on the other), 52 uppercase and lowercase letter cards, 4 blank cards and activity guide.



Alphabet Puzzle
This is a durable wooden alphabet puzzle and color matching game. It’s really terrific. First of all the wood is colored so beautifully that it looks like the pieces will never lose their gorgeous colors. The letters are designed to fit loosely so it’s easy for little hands to put the puzzle together, but it’s got complexity too. Some of the letters, like the C and the S, can fit upside down, but as the child gets older the challenge of putting them correctly will be interesting. The letters can also be matched by color which makes it less intimidating and also pretty to look at.

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