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Ladybug Paper Plate Craft

Ladybug Paper Plate Craft

Ladybug Paper Plate Craft

Looking for a craft to go along with your spring ladybug theme?  Try this simple ladybug paper plate craft.

Ladybug Paper Plate Kids Craft


1.) Cut a paper plate in half to create wings.

2.) Paint the ladybug wings red.

3.) Dot the wings black with fingerprints for spots.

4.) Cut out a leaf shape.

5.) Cut out body shape.

6.) Glue the body to the leaf.

7.) Attach the wings with a brass fastener.

8.) Glue on eyes.

I set out one example for this craft and allow the children to re-create the project. I do have to help them attach the brass fasteners. Other than that, the entire project is self-directed.

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