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Kites Lesson Plan

Songs, Fingerplays And Group Time Fun

Room Décor…
Hang real kites from the ceiling

Five Little Kites…
Flannel Board One little kite in the sky so blue,

Along came another, then there were two.
Two little kites flying high above me;
Along came another, then there were three.
Three little kites, just watch them soar,
Along came another, then there were four.
Four little kites, so high and alive,
Along came another, then there were five.
Five little kites dancing ‘cross the sky,
What a sight to see, way up so high!
Movement Fun…
Stick kites:  tape multicolored streamers to a tongue depressor.  Move to music.

The Wind…
The Muffin Man The wind is full of tricks today, it almost blew me far away.

It almost knocked me off my feet, as I went walking down the street.
The next time that I go outside, the wind won’t take me for a ride.
I know just what I will do; I’ll put some glue on the bottom of my shoe!

Kite Flying…
Pick a windy day (flap hands and make wind sound)

Pick a kite that’s gay (use fingers to make a diamond shape)
Send it on its way  (lift hands high to hold imaginary string)
Give it lots of play  (unwind more string
Watch it dip and sway  (Dip and sway motion with hand and arm)
Don’t let it get away  (Pretend to hold the string tight with two hands)

Let’s Go Fly A Kite…
Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest heights

Let’s go fly a kite, & send it soaring, Up to the atmosphere,
up where the air is clear, oh, let’s go fly a kite.

Five Little Kites…
Five little kites, way up in the sky say hi to the clouds, as they pass by.

Say hi to the birds, say hi to the sun, and say hi to the airplane, oh what fun.   Then swish went the wind, and they all took a dive: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Kite Dancing…
Pretend to be kites, the children can leap and dip to music and pull gauze scarves through the air to simulate the kite tails.

My Kite…
The Farmer In The Dell
My kite is up so high, my kite is up so high, Oh my, just watch it fly, My kite is up so high.

My kite is falling down..   My kite is falling down   Oh dear just watch it fall….   My kite is falling down

The wind has caught my kite….   The wind has caught my kite   Oh what fun…I’m on the run..   The wind has caught my kite..

My kite is up so high……   My kite is up so high   Oh my, just watch it fly…..   My kite is up so high

Kite Safety Tips…
Never fly a kite: Near electric lines or poles. With metal parts or lines which will attract electricity. In the rain, the line can also carry electricity. Near the edge of a steep hill or slope. Near ditches, stones, trees, and traffic.   If you kite does get caught up in a tree or pole. Leave it alone! Climbing high places can be very dangerous.

Some History…
In 1752 Benjamin Franklin proved that there was electricity in storm clouds. He flew a kite with a brass key tied to the end of his line during a thunderstorm. He proved his theory true when the stormy atmosphere struck the kite line and traveled down to the key where it caused a spark of electricity. This was a very dangerous experiment because if Benjamin Franklin had been wet he could have been badly hurt!

In 1903 the Wright Brothers were experimenting with large box kites. These experiments led to the first airplane at Kitty Hawk.

Box kites were also helpful in predicting the weather. From 1898 to 1993 kite stations flew box kites equipped with weather- measuring device.

Art Time Fun

Making Kites…
The easiest kits I have ever done are with plastic bags. The best are the long skinny ones used for newspapers. With these you can attach a picture of a fish or anything else that would be appropriate. The other kinds of bags I use are the grocery bags. I just tie a piece of yarn from one handle to the other and a length of string to the middle of the first piece.  To the bottom I staple a couple of pieces of crepe paper streamers. The children can run with them. Even just standing they take very little wind to make them fly. The newspaper bags are done in much the same way.

Blob Painting…
Symmetrical shaped kite with paint in the middle, open up–beautiful—for kite shape.  For the tail of the kite use bow pasta noodles that have been colored.  They are really cute!

Sponge Painting…
Sponge print with diamond shapes onto paper. When dry draw or glue on yarn tails.

Stencil Tracing…
Make a stencil-using heavy cardboard & let the children trace around & design a kite.

Paper Plate Kites…
Each child needs: 9″ white paper plate, markers or colors, paper punch, ribbon, yarn, or string, streamers, scissors. Give the children a paper plate & let them draw on the paper plate. Use a paper punch to make 4 holes 1/4 inch from the edge of the plate. Punch one hole at the top of the plate, one at the bottom, & one on each side. Measure 4 pieces of ribbon, string or yarn around 14 inches long each. Tie an end of one string through a hole with a tight knot. Repeat with the remaining strings, tying one string per hole. Tie the ends of 4 strings together above the front of the plate. Tie a 12-inch piece of yarn to this knot. Cut 4 streamers around 15 inches long each. Staple a streamer next to each hole in the plate.

Group Mural… Draw several large kites on butcher paper.  Invite the children to decorate them as a team.  Display on a bulletin board.

Lunch Bag Kites…
You’ll need a white lunch bag for each child. Fold down the top of each bag 3 inches, without tearing the corners. The children can decorate their bags with crayons, markers, stickers, etc. Cut four 6” lengths of string for each kite.  Use a hole punch to make one hole in the four corners of the bag at the top. Cover with each hole with hole re-enforcers.  Tie four lengths of the string to the corners of the bag. Tie the free ends of the strings together.  Tie one 8-inch length of string
to the knotted end of the group of four strings.   The children fly their kites by holding the end of the string and running.

Kite Bookmarks…
Cut two small kites the same size & have kids decorate.  Cut yarn 10 inches & place one end between kites then glue together.  Cut 4 small bows from fabric & glue two back to back with yarn between them.  Let dry & you have a bookmark.

Windsock Kites…
Collect plastic newspaper bags.  Fold down the opening of the bag to make a 1-inch fold.  Fold the bag down two more times & punch 3 evenly spaced holes around the folded area.  Tie 12 inches length of string into each hole. Bring 3 together & tie a knot around their ends.  Attach tissue paper or crepe paper streamers to the closed end.  Decorate bag with stickers or cutouts.

Easy Art…
Kites can be decorated with paints or crayons, or various other techniques such as marbling.

Yuan Chinese Kite…
The Chinese have over the course of centuries created some of the worlds most unusually shaped & brightly colored kites. The Yuan Kite (Yuan means “round”), with its round sail, & flapping banner tail. Let the children make a round kite using a paper plate. Add some streamers to the one side of the paper plate for the banner or tail. Add the yarn to the opposite side for the children to hold onto & run with the kite.

Wind Wands…
newspaper rolled around a pencil with streamed glued on.


Kite Matching…
Make 8 kites on the inside of a file folder using six different wallpaper patterns. Draw on the tails.  Cover with clear contact.  Make 8 kite shapes without the tails. Cover with contact for durability. The child matches each kite shape to the one with the same wallpaper patterns.   The kites can be kept in a plastic bag and clipped to the folder when not in use.

Wind Table…
Set up a rectangular shaped table and use blocks to line both of the long ends (lengthwise) of the table. Tape a start and finish line on each end of the table.  Give children a straw with their name labeled with masking tape. Each child take turns, two at a time blowing their colored pom pom down the table and across the finish line.

Outdoor Bubble Table…
Use the water table or a big rubber maid type container for this one.  Let the children experiment making bubbles with a variety of tools by blowing into colored water.  Then place a piece of paper over the bubbles to make a bubble print. (Use just a drop of dish detergents for added fun.)


Kite Cake…
Bake cake in a 9 by 13 inch cake pan. Let cool and leave in pan.  Frost and let the icing harden.  With a toothpick draw a kite and tail on the cake.  Fill in the cake with icing of another color and decorate the tail with gumdrops.

Kite Sandwiches…
Cut sandwiches into kite shapes by trimming the crust. Use carrot strips as the cross bow to decorate.

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