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How to Make Glitter Gel Paints

Glitter Gel Paint Recipe I NuttinbutPreschool

How to Make Glitter Gel Paints

This glitter gel is simple to make and dries clear. You will only see the sparkles left behind by the glitter. You can brush the glitter gel over any creation that you have drawn or painted to spread glitter in an even look.


No more messy sprinkling of glitter!

Glitter Gel Paint Video on YouTube:

How to Create Glitter Gel Paint

Clear hair gel
Mixing Container
Spoon for mixing
Airtight storage container for leftover glitter gel paint color

Glitter Gel Paint Recipe I NuttinbutPreschool

1.) Pour the desired amount of clear hair gel into a mixing container.
2.) Add desired amount/color of glitter to the hair gel.
3.) Mix well.
4.) Use a paintbrush to spread the glitter gel paint onto the desired art project.
5.) Wait for the glitter gel to dry. When it is dry the gel will dry clear and glitter will be left showing.
6.) Store any remaining glitter gel in an airtight container.

It is important to note that the glitter gel paint works best on projects that have been created on a heavier paper or tag board or over surfaces that have been previously painted or colored. If used on typing paper the paint will still work, but it tends to wrinkle the paper as it dries.

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